These gorgeous Secret World of Stuff videos are short and sweet, animating everyday normal objects and bringing them to life. After all, sometimes it’s the little things in life that bring us the most joy. Without further ado, it’s time to grab your weed, spark one up, and enjoy these eight videos by Sean Charmatz

1. Smiling cat tongue, happy peas, and wiggly toothpaste

Not only are these little faces cute, but they are also everywhere. If life had these little guys and gals around, the world would probably be more enjoyable.

2. Happy noodles, an evil straw, and a random highway rainbow

These expressive creatures are adorable. However, there’s a chance a few of them may have a hidden agenda.

3. Kissing flowerpots, a disappointed claw, and one noisy water fountain

If you’ve ever attempted to win a prize from the claw machine, you know the feeling of defeat and can relate to the disappointed claw.

4. Creepy kids and coffee diving

Which is more horrifying, the bag’s faces being squeezed to death or that creepy kid with the bird face? Not to mention, the scary thing with the one tooth is equally terrifying. If you didn’t begin watching these videos with some green by your side, you’re probably reaching for it now.

5. More creepy creatures and a bouncy pong ball

This video takes spooky up a notch with the demon figure. Luckily, though, you can recover from that one quickly with the charming pong ball.

6. Selfies and a screaming smore

At last, back to the smiling faces and good vibes. That is, until 17 seconds into it. These things are like sour patch kids. First, they are sweet and innocent. Next, they are evil little demons.

7. A stoned Mac, a scuba-diving strawberry, and a WTF moment

The Mac desktop sitting there high as a kite is not only relatable but also super adorable with its one tooth and bent legs. And then the vibes quickly change with the perverted seat, sticking it’s tongue out at the booty. Those watermelon shorts, though.

8. Sticky food, fireworks, and a beheading

Watching a strawberry get its head cut-off didn’t seem all too bad. As can be seen, the little fellow seemed overjoyed to see it go.