British Sugar is one of England’s top producers of the sweet plant, as well as many other crops. Soon, the company will be in the business of producing a new cash crop, cannabis. With optimal grow space and the most high-tech facilities available, British Sugar will make the perfect home for a specific strain of cannabis that GW Pharma will use to make medication to treat a rare form of Epilepsy. The United States stands to benefit from this merger, too.

British Sugar, preparing the grow space

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Tomatoes currently sit in a greenhouse that will soon be occupied by rows and rows of potent cannabis plants. These tomatoes grow extraordinary well in the climate controlled environment.

Researchers at British Sugar believe the cannabis plants will thrive even better, especially with the specialty lighting and shading equipment the growers have already purchased, and bring in a much higher profit margin.

Paul Kenward, managing partner of British Sugar, explains why GW Pharma, the British-based company that developed a CBD-based anti-seizure medication, chose this location above all others.

Our glasshouse is very well-suited for growing that particular variety of the cannabis plant family and it’s fair to say that the return will be better than on tomatoes. We’re confident of decent yields.

GW Pharma developed Epidiolex, a CBD anti-seizure medication, to be used in the treatment of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, among other illnesses. This extremely rare form of Epilepsy is hard to understand and even harder to treat.

Due to the complex symptoms of the condition, researchers have been struggling to give patients relief from the crippling symptoms, but GW Pharm believes their new medication is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Gaining approval

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British Sugar plans to plant the first cannabis seeds in early January, with the first harvest taking place in April.

Once these plants have been cured and prepared for medicinal use, GW Pharma will begin ramping up production of Epidolex. In early 2017, once the seedlings begin to sprout, GW Pharma plans to file a marketing application with the United States’ Food and Drug Administration.

With FDA approval trials already underway, GW Pharma released information last week that stated the medication, Epidolex, has shown to significantly reduced seizures in children who suffer from Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. In the third phase of trials, these results are very promising for the U.S. medical market.

If GW Pharma does gain FDA approval, it’s believed this life-saving CBD medication could be on American shelves by the end of 2017.

While it’s likely, cutting through all the red tape of transporting cannabis-based medications between countries will take longer than predicted, many parents whose children are suffering believe it’s a sign that there is hope.

For now, GW Pharma and British Sugar will press on with their partnership and the productions of cannabis plants that will, eventually, hold so much potential for patients around the world.

If the medication does what GW Pharma claims it can, there’s no denying that other countries will be trying to gain access to the medication themselves, boosting the pharmaceutical company, and the sugar company, to levels they never previously expected possible.

dee British Sugar Are Growing Cannabis For GW Pharma
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dee British Sugar Are Growing Cannabis For GW Pharma
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