Who doesn’t enjoy a walk on the beach, especially when you discover a hundred pounds of weed, packaged and ready for transporting? Well, for one couple, that’s what one morning of walking the dogs led to on Del Mar beach, California.

This is not your usual day at the beach

It is said that the early bird catches the worm. But, in Del Mar, it’s the early riser who discovers all the bundles of weed. Not far from the cliffs of Torrey Pines, south from Del Mar, Carla Hayes and her dogs discovered bundles of something “suspicious” that were washing up on the beach.

Can you smell that? You can smell that this is, in fact, marijuana. – Witness Carla Hayes

Upon closer inspection, Hayes – along with the lifeguards that were also in attendance – discovered that the bundles were in fact tightly packaged bricks of cannabis.

Instead of a scurrying it away, the lifeguards contacted the Sheriff’s Department, who quickly arrived and confiscated the bundles (that were wrapped tightly in plastic and estimated to weigh over a hundred pounds).

The Sheriff’s deputies were searching for the suspects, who are probably the sheepish ones that aren’t happy having lost such a haul, but investigations at the Federal level had yet to begin.

It is reported to have likely had a connection to the international border, with the suspects losing it on the trail system (in the dark), which is how it ended down the bluff and in the ocean (and, of course, how it came to wash up on the beach).

As the reporter said, it was a gorgeous day at the beach – but any day at the beach is only made better when finding bundles of weed.

The good news is that this isn’t a one-off, either, as it is said to happen once or twice a year. So, along with the smell of coconut sunscreen, you might also smell the faint waft of weed on the cool ocean breeze.