There are generally two purposes to cannabis: medicinal and recreational. You can easily combine both to get things in your life back on track. Recent findings have affirmed that it has countless applications including cures for illnesses like cancer, epilepsy, and glaucoma. Yes, it is a recreation drug. But based on personal experiences, I can say that I have used to multiple times to relax, take a break and introspect.

The power of positivity in your life

How You Can 1 7 Ways Cannabis Can Help Get Your Life Back On Track
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Cannabis has helped me through many tough times and allowed the brain to process things with increased clarity and make the definitive right choice. Cannabis consumers generally get a bad rep from the society, but more of us use it to become more productive and healthy.

You can also use cannabis to get your life back on track. It is clearly proven that it is not addictive and regulated amounts might just do the trick. So if life has thrown you in the dumps, you are unable to find your passion then sit back, relax, travel to hills, smoke some good stuff and just think freely.

1. Boost your creativity

How You Can 2 7 Ways Cannabis Can Help Get Your Life Back On Track
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That writer, painter or musician stuck inside you and your 9-5 shell? Don’t worry because creativity is a simple brain operation that can be altered with cannabis. You need to see the microscopic picture. The nerve cells or neurons in your brain process and pass along information to the rest of the brain like transmitters.

Other intoxicants including alcohol have an inhibitory effect on this process but not cannabis. It contains cannabinoids that are already produced in the brain as a natural process.

The real deal is the molecular Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is identical to Anandamide. It is the natural transmitter to the neurons. Generally, when a neuron fires, there is break in the transmission to allow for keeping the mind and body calm. This trigger response is often fueled by your beliefs, constructs, constraints and perceived stress.

Cannabis stops these roadblocks and allows thoughts to flow freely. This leads to amplification in creativity and imagination.

Robert Weiner states in his book Creativity and Beyond that,

… a cannabis-induced state of mind may lead to breaking free from everyday thinking and associations, which increases the chances of generating new ideas and associations.

2. Get over addictions: No need for rehab

How You Can 3 7 Ways Cannabis Can Help Get Your Life Back On Track
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Being a workaholic can turn you into an alcoholic by night. There are many cases where work-induced – or any other kind of stress – throws people in the fatalities of substance abuse like cocaine or LSD, which are highly addictive and harmful to the human body.

Cannabis is neither. It is a viable and safer alternative to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. In recent research, people with serious addictions to heroin, opiates and cocaine showed excellent performance in moving away from these addictions when exposed to cannabis therapy.

In a recent study published by the Columbia University, patients with severe addictions were given a form of THC during their recovery experiences. These patients faced lesser withdrawal symptoms and showed greater probability of going through with the entire addiction removal course.

3. Speak and think freely

How You Can 4 7 Ways Cannabis Can Help Get Your Life Back On Track
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We can all agree that smoking weed brings a different experience of reality. It is combined with more freedom of thought, inhibitions to communication are also lowered.

If you are waiting to have a long talk with your better half but both of you can’t muster up the strength then go for a joint rather than glasses of wine and whisky.

Weed facilitated deep conversations will loved ones, friends and close people. You get your point of view out and release all the inner stress. For those scared to be too vulnerable don’t worry, these moments will come in between hilarious, rolling on the floor laughing conversations too.

4. Throw away your incessant OCDs

How You Can 5 7 Ways Cannabis Can Help Get Your Life Back On Track
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The hustle bustle of competitive corporate life is stressful. Seldom are we able to fathom that such prolonged exposure to an unnatural system laces our minds with anxiety, stress, compulsive disorders and preps us up for a future with risk of diseases like Alzheimer’s.

However, for those who realize how important it is to take a step back and give nature its due by relaxing, indulging in therapeutic experiences and interacting with nature itself. Cannabis amplifies these natural experiences and takes you more towards your original child self, easing your mind and body.

Cannabis has an internal ingredient, CBD, that effectively regulates anxiety and allows you to be more functional.

5. Introspect and find your true self

How You Can 6 7 Ways Cannabis Can Help Get Your Life Back On Track
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Our life is designed by the ripple effect of the choices we make over time. While some make all the right moves many are thwarted off their true courses over time. Sooner or later they realize it and need some high-level introspection before starting afresh. It is this phase that is difficult.

With cannabis you can have all the “me time” that you need.

Take an indica-dominat strain to lie back, relax and get some hardcore rest while lucid dreaming. Take the sativa strain to become more energized and focus on creativity and imagination.

6. Get your diet right

How You Can 7 7 Ways Cannabis Can Help Get Your Life Back On Track
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I am not just talking about munchies. Cannabis has been known to be helpful in eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia. It can help you control your over-eating and get those extra pounds off.

However, it can also help you gain mass by facilitating hunger! Most health problems can be linked to improper diet regimes or a generally unhealthy diet. Cannabis allows you to experience and digest food better allowing for both forms of control and gain possible.

7. Boost your sexual health

How You Can 8 7 Ways Cannabis Can Help Get Your Life Back On Track
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Regular sex is advised in adults as it promotes a regular flow of essential hormones that help maintain emotional and mental wellness. Cannabis can help you with your sex life too and get that chemistry back when it matters most!

First, you get an amazing sensual experience as your senses are elevated and you feel everything. Secondly, it can amplify your libido, help erectile dysfunction and make sexual communication freer!

About The Author

Sam Lozano writes about Cannabis-related news and products on his blog, Weed Sumo. A very rare genetics problem early in life introduced him to the miraculous effects of medical cannabis and now he is an advocate for cannabis.