The world is still reeling at the massive Watermelon Joint crafted by joint-artist Tony Greenhand almost a year ago. His track record of impressive smokeable art pieces has helped inspire a whole new realm of cannabis competition. But the lineage of great rollers goes much farther back. Before the big Green Rush, big joints were already an obsession. Check out Paul Pot’s record for the World’s Longest Joint, coming in at a whopping 12 meters!

The records of old

Paul Pot, as the grower called himself, wasn’t the first big roller, either. In 1987, he was inspired by an article in the Daily News, Western Australia.

In it, a current record of 7.93 meters by a Swiss citizen had bested the previous record of 4.48 meters set in 1982 by the Dutch. Paul Pot, incensed by Australian politics and a previous cannabis sentence, saw the perfect opportunity.

On the 5th of February 1987, I rolled a 12 metre joint with 1kg of cannabis to protest against the repressive drug laws in my home state of Western Australia.

At that time the America’s Cup Yacht race was in town and I [was] pissed that laws were changed to build the first Casino in town so the Yachties could enjoy themselves. Alcohol restrictions were also lifted and more venues to supply grog got a start up. But what were potheads like me going to get? F ALL.

I had been chucked into the States worst prison for supplying a mate 1.6 gms of pot in my own home, a two year sentence and now it was pay back time. I was a peace and love hippy type when I entered the prison system and how I was mad as hell and I was not going to take anymore.

The America’s Cup was going to be the biggest link up of television ever and I built a replica yacht to smuggle my joint onto an oceanside park overlooking the Cup course in the Indian Ocean.

I launched my joint on the last day of Cup, we lost the Auld Mug trophy but at least my town was the holder of the record for the Worlds Longest Joint.

Paul Pot: Setting the standards

12 This Whopping 12 Meter Joint Is The Original Creative Roll
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Normally, such an old claim would be dismissed as fanciful boasting, but with such a media presence, the event is substantiated by numerous witnesses.

The joint used just over 1kg of weed, or 2.2 lbs. So while Tony Greenhand has the heaviest joint, Paul Pot still holds the record for the Longest!