Thanks to new legislation, the Australian government now allows for the sale, import and storage of medicinal cannabis from sources overseas. Under the new guidelines, Perth just recently received its first shipment of cannabis oils from the Canadian cannabis group, CanniMed. Even though medical marijuana was legalized in the country last year, this is significant for Australian patients who have had to wait months to access medical marijuana from overseas, when seeking individual prescriptions. Now, importers in Australia can store products for immediate distribution.

A very significant move

Australia Receives First 1 Australia Receives First Shipment Of Imported Medical Cannabis
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Cannabis companies, Creso Pharma and Health House International were the first to receive the international shipment of cannabis oils for distribution to patients. The COO of Creso Pharma says,

The first successful import of medicinal cannabis products is a ground-breaking moment for patients and the medical industry in Australia. The Australian market has been catching up with community expectations while the regulatory framework around medicinal cannabis was being developed.

Now these products will allow patients to have the option of medicinal cannabis treatments if it is prescribed by their physician.

This is particularly important given the unmet but often immediate need to access a timely medicinal cannabis supply across Australia.

Local production is now looking to catch up since the first private cultivation license was issued only recently. Importing will be fastest way to provide medicinal cannabis to patients until local crops are ready for sale.

It is time that they have the care that they need, the drugs that are prescribed by medical professionals, and that they are actually available. – Health Minister Greg Hunt regarding hastened access to medical marijuana for patients.

Pot use in Australia

Australia Receives First 3 Australia Receives First Shipment Of Imported Medical Cannabis
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Cannabis is currently the most widely used illicit drug in Australia with high rates of daily use among citizens. Australia’s drug policies are largely based in harm-minimization strategies rather than harsh enforcement.

Last year’s passing of the medical marijuana amendment continued to open up a realm of possibilities for medical and scientific research and decriminalization within the country. This is

This is an historic day for Australia and the many advocates who have fought long and hard to challenge the stigma around medicinal cannabis products so genuine patients are no longer treated as criminals. – Australian Minister of Health, Sussan Ley.

She isn’t the only excited health official looking to help improve many citizens’ quality of life. The immediate importation of high-quality cannabis means that a number of patients with chronic pain, MS, seizures, AIDS or cancer complications can feel a sense of relief.

Australia has also just recently legalized the personal and professional use of hemp seeds, which are seen as a superfood in several international markets. Paul Mavor, Director of Health House International stated,

We’re excited to be playing a key part in the Australian government’s efforts to improve access to medicinal cannabis around Australia.

Being able to supply Australians with some of the world’s best medicinal cannabis oils is a tremendous achievement not just for us but for the local market.

 Australia Receives First Shipment Of Imported Medical Cannabis

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 Australia Receives First Shipment Of Imported Medical Cannabis