Instead of posting images to Instagram that offended an entire nation, Wiz is back in the spotlight with yet another weedmix, this time remixing Drake’s “Passionfruit.”

Wiz Khalifa has dropped his “weedmix” to Drake’s “Passionfruit” and it’s awesome

Not long after having put his spin on SahBabii’s “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick,” Wiz Khalifa is at it again, this time dropping his own version of Drake’s “Passionfruit.”

As of late, Wiz has been in the spotlight for more than just his remixes (that included his trip to Columbia and the grave of a certain cartel leader), the second recent remix is far more positive.

As it is the second remix in almost as many weeks, it seems the Taylor Gang leader loves his remixes.

The founder of the Taylor Gang dropped “Passit” – an approximately named track that is also a clever play on words – and it shows that he is in a relaxed state, reflecting on his status and the success of his Weed Farm game for mobiles, along with Snoop’s influence on his career and life.

Now the people calling me the new Snoop / Speaking of Snoop, real life, that’s my OG / Smoked out at Demi Lovato’s party.

The two remixes – “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick” and “Passit” – are warm-ups for Rolling Papers 2, his next album that is supposedly due out later in the year, which is even referenced in “Passit” by Wiz.

Smoke something and wait for Rolling Papers 2 to come out – matter of fact, smoke two of them thangs.

Although knowing Wiz, it might only be a tease.