Summertime is here, which is more than enough of an excuse to pack your bags and travel somewhere new. As a pot smoker, you might be wondering what your options are as far as weed-friendly destinations go. Also, you probably want to know how you can score some bud while you’re away. While there are plenty of legal places to choose from, their weed laws can be rather confusing. But with this helpful guide, you can ensure that you have a safe, cannabis-filled summer of traveling and fun.

Where to stay

A Guide To 1 The Ultimate Guide To Having A Cannabis Filled Summer Of Traveling
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First things first, you need to pick a destination. If you want to toke on the ganja as much as you please without worries, then staying at a Bud+Breakfast is your best option. Not only are they 420-friendly, but they also have suites that are designed specifically for pot smokers.

Colorado is just one of the states where you can find such an accommodation. Boulder’s Castle B is a great example. With eight different dispensaries just a walking distance away, you’ll have no trouble stocking up on the herb. Also, they provide plenty of smoking and waxing paraphernalia.

Or there’s the Bud + Breakfast in Denver, which is handy to the city center. Plus, they feed you!

You’re certainly not limited to just one state. Bud and Breakfasts can be found all over the world, from Jamaica to California. In case you want to see what your options are, just have a look at their website.

The hassle-free way to buy your weed when traveling

A Guide To 2 The Ultimate Guide To Having A Cannabis Filled Summer Of Traveling
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Each state and country have their own set of laws and regulations when it comes to both possessing and purchasing pot. For the traveler, trying to learn them all while you’re there can be overwhelming.

To avoid a potential headache, the best thing you can do is call up the local dispensaries before you get there. They can tell you all about the rules better than anyone else can. Not to mention, they can point you in the right direction of where you can purchase your goods safely.

If you plan on embarking to a country where weed is illegal, that doesn’t mean you can’t still score some bud. Take England for example. They have organizations like London Cannabis Club that host a variety of events, like public smoke-outs and cannabis dinner parties. By contacting such organizations ahead of time, they can tell you everything you need to know about the laws and also help you make some connections before you arrive.

Even if you’re planning on vacationing somewhere that welcomes the herb, such as Spain, it’s still a good idea to connect with folks in the area before you go. Some cannabis clubs are for members only, so you don’t want to show up without an invite.

If you’re thinking of hitting the streets for your bud, that’s not a bad idea either, depending on where you’re going. In countries like Colombia and Mexico, you won’t get in trouble for possessing a little pot for personal use. But again, if you want to make certain that you don’t run into any problems, your best bet is to research the laws ahead of time.

In case you need a cheat sheet, check out this helpful guide that will tell you each state’s weed laws.

Enjoying your vay-cay responsibly

A Guide To 3 The Ultimate Guide To Having A Cannabis Filled Summer Of Traveling
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No matter how you want to consume or where you want to go, there’s always a way to enjoy your vacation with the herb by your side.

An important thing to keep in mind is always to be respectful. Not only should you respect the locals, but you should also comply with the law during your stay.

All in all, the hardest part about traveling with weed is in the travel itself. At the present time, pot is still illegal at a federal level. That means flying, and other forms of transportation come with their own risks. To avoid having authorities interfere with your trip, be sure to have your medical card or official documentation on you at all times.

So, there you have it. Traveling with your beloved herb is possible. Just remember, follow the rules, be mindful of others, and do your research before you leave. More importantly, enjoy yourself and stay lifted!