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News | 09.15.2022

This Luxury Wellness Retreat Uses Cannabis & Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

Deep in the Algonquin Highlands is the luxurious wellness retreat utilizing the powers of psychedelics and cannabis.

Now, there’s a psychedelic experience like no other, thanks to Dimensions, a psychedelic and cannabis retreat company with programs in CanadaCosta Rica, and Jamaica.

Located in the Algonquin Highlands just under three hours northeast of Toronto lies Dimensions and its psychedelic-assisted therapy programs. The goal of the retreat is to help individuals move forward on their path to personal wellness.

All programs offered by Dimensions are:

  • Backed by neuroscientific research
  • Supported by evidence-based practices
  • Brought to life by the therapeutic team’s extensive experience
  • A place to reconnect
  • An opportunity to heal
  • A path to lasting transformation

Photo courtesy of Dimensions

Dimensions hopes to help unlock everyone’s potential and increase their well-being in the comfort of a luxurious retreat in nature. The main program offered by Dimensions is called Ascend, which is described as:

“A self-betterment program featuring an immersive retreat uniting psychedelic-assisted therapy with cannabis plant medicine and the healing qualities of community, contemporary accommodations, and meticulous service.”

Dimensions inform guests on which strains are recommended for the experience and where to buy them before heading to the retreat. They also outline how much cannabis they should purchase for their stay.

The retreat runs for four weeks until December 8. You can select a 3-night stay or 4-night stay, in which you can return to the same cabin for the same weekly nights over the four-week period.

Deep in the Algonquin Highlands, Dimensions sits on 40 acres of forest, where guests are encouraged to take part in various practices and activities like:

  • Holistic psychotherapy, reiki, and acupuncture
  • Seasonal outdoor activities
  • Eating plant-forward meals designed to enhance the mind-body connection

So far, Ascend is the first program at Dimensions, with four others to be announced next year. But, like all good things, your journey to wellness comes at a price.

  • Four Night Retreat: $5,750 to $6,250 per person
  • Three Night Retreat: $4,125 to $4,500 per person

You can even choose to get there by helicopter or a private flight that takes just under an hour from Toronto to the nearby local airport.

For more information about Dimensions and its Ascend retreat, visit

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