Snoop Dogg has many talents. Smoking weed and rapping are just a few to name. But one thing you might not know about Snoop is that he is quite the narrator. During this special edition of “Plizzanet Earth,” Snoop commentates on reptiles. More specifically, iguanas vs. snakes. And yes, you’ll want to be stoned for this one. It’s intense, to say the least. Be sure to grab your favorite strain and tune into the video below for the all-reptile version of “Plizzanet Earth.”

Plizzanet Earth with Snoop Dogg – Iguana vs. Snakes

In case you need something hilarious to watch today while you bake, look no further than Snoop Dogg’s “Plizzanet Earth,” one of the most adored nature programs on the planet. During this segment, the Doggfather will entertain you by commentating on two of the most sneaky reptiles in the world: iguanas and snakes.

From the moment the video begins, you can tell shit is about to go down. The snakes are on the prowl. Meanwhile, the iguana is just minding its own business. Even worse, he is all alone with about a dozen snakes behind him.

During his journey to who knows where the iguana starts to realize something is behind him. All of a sudden, one of the slithery snake’s darts at him and the chase begins.

Just as the iguana is about to escape the evil snakes, he manages to become tangled up in the arms of a humungous one. At this point, he is struggling big time.

Does the iguana make it out alive? You’ll have to watch the video for yourself to find out. You won’t find any spoilers here. Sorry, not sorry.