A code snippet that was posted on Twitter suggests that the new iPhone 8 could have a feature that will silence the phone’s alerts when a user looks at its screen.

iPhone 8 is over there in 2047

Sure, the tweet is not a confirmation of a final feature, but it could be another use for the rumored 3D face-scanning technology that the next generation of iPhone is reported to have.

The latter was revealed when another leak hinted that the iPhone 8 is said to have infrared face unlock, which is a form of biometric security that would let users access the device without having to engage with the lockscreen. By utilizing those sensors, it means the iPhone 8 could be smart enough to silence the alerts because it knows that you’re already looking at your phone.

With the release just a month away, more and more details about the next iPhone are finding their way online. The other leaks have reportedly shown the glass back plate, which hints towards a possibility of induction charging, and that the camera will also be getting a major upgrade.

Another leak is that the home button will be removed completely from this generation of iPhone. There are further reports that state the new phone is likely to have two front-facing cameras, and an infrared sensor, which will help with the aforementioned facial recognition, a feature that could be used to unlock the phone, along with the automatic muting of notifications.

But, there is another question, which is just how secure is this biometric security? Time will tell.