A Touch Of Glass: Christmas Time!


Santa will soon be visiting all the good boys and girls. At the top of our Christmas wishlist is this awesome selection of Christmas themed glass!

Christopher Teague
Dec 22, 2015

It’s time for the holidays, and joy and good cheer.

But if shopping and wrapping have filled you with fear,

have a bowl and relax, it will all soon pass,

and check out these holiday pieces of glass.

First on the list, a simple delight…

glass xmas candy cane A Touch Of Glass: Christmas Time!
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A candy cane, for those with a sweet tooth tonight.

Hung on your tree, amidst ribbons and bows,

A secret, in the open, that no one else knows.

Imagine a pine-tree fresh bowl packed with care,

and a big plate of cookies, with Santa to share.

Speaking of cookies, and good old St. Nick…

Girl Scout Cookies! That bud might just do the trick,

to bring out the twinkle in Kris Kringle’s eyes.

That’s why he’s so jolly, he’s baked! Big surprise!

Now this set of bubblers look like ornaments too!

With so many choices, what ever to do?

glass xmas set A Touch Of Glass: Christmas Time!
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There’s Santa, and Rudolf, and a stocking to boot.

Now that’s what I call some good Christmas loot!

Three different bowls deserve three different strains.

So I’ve got holiday color inspired ganja, at pains.

The first one was Rudolf, and off the top of my head

I knew he should be packed with Panama Red.

Then Santa, with presents in his magical sack

Has to be filled with some jolly Green Crack.

Now the stocking was harder because, well, it’s a sock.

I could’ve given in… and gone with Moon Rock.

But holiday colors are the idea that I sold,

So I decided on blazing Acapulco Gold.

What would be winter, without snow and fun?

A snowman is just the guy to get the job done!

glass xmas snowman A Touch Of Glass: Christmas Time!
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Here’s Frosty and family all headed your way.

A bong and two pipes, to brighten your day.

They’re quite the collection of holiday fare.

Go to Smoke-nut.com, and you can buy them right there.

The thought of filling them with bud smoke so white

Makes me grin ear to ear, (and I probably just might).

You always see Frosty with his corn-cob pipe…

A jolly, happy soul: he’s too high to gripe.

Now maybe Christmas and all its fun

Just simply isn’t, not for everyone.

Maybe this year, you’re finished. You won’t budge an inch.

No holiday spending, you’re feeling the pinch.

But no need to be lonely, that’s fixed in a cinch…

Spend this winter season with that fellow, The Grinch!

glass xmas grinch A Touch Of Glass: Christmas Time!
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His character is foul, felonious, and funky.

I bet his bowl is packed with something… Super Skunky!

He doesn’t want excitement or Sativa-fueled play.

He’d rather sit on the couch, and relax all darn day.

If your holiday this season isn’t Christmas at all…

Then “Happy Hannukah” is what your glass should call.

With this spectacular 420 Science Grav Menorah

You can light bowls every night, and then read the Torah.

glass xmas menorah A Touch Of Glass: Christmas Time!
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A new twist on tradition, begging to be owned.

Israel has cannabis, so Jew’s can get stoned.

The burning bush starts, put the candle in after.

And bake Stoner’s Cookbook latkes, for the party after!


Merry Christmas!

Christopher Teague
Dec 22, 2015