How to find the best CBD oil for your vape pen

There’s reasons to vape and there’s reasons to consume CBD. Let us help you with both—at the same time.

Jan 8, 2018
Best CBD Vape Oil

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Among CBD users, vaping continues to be the most popular method of consumption. The dosing is easier to regulate and it can be done on the go. But with so many products available on the market, how can users know what is the best CBD vape oil?

Things to consider when buying CBD vape oil

When choosing the best CBD vape oil for you, there are a number of things to consider.

How consistent is the vape product? Not all CBD vape oil is created under the same conditions. If everytime you use a CBD vape oil you feel different effects and taste dissimilar flavors, it means the company’s products are probably not made in a way that guarantees consistency.

Also, as seen in the FDA’s warning letters to many CBD companies, not all CBD products actually contain CBD. Shocking, right? The best CBD vape oil producers have their products tested at a lab. These tests can confirm the amount of CBD in vape oil products as well as the presence of any contaminants or left-over solvents, which can be dangerous for people with comprised immune systems. Most good companies these days will even post their lab results and information about their production process on their website.

CBDOil Can you eat raw weed?
A lab technician pipettes a sample of cannabidiol (CBD) oil into a jar inside the laboratory facility at KannaSwiss GmbH in Koelliken, Switzerland, on Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017. KannaSwiss, a company founded in 2014, is already producing marijuana that meets Switzerlands legal standard containing no more than 1% Tetrahydrocannabinolknown as THC, the psychoactive chemical that gets you high. Photographer: Stefan Wermuth/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Lastly, the best CBD vape oil cartridges will actually fit into your vape. Too often, CBD vape oil leaks or separates in the vape tank. Spending good money only to have expensive CBD oil leak is the worst.

Reasons to hunt for the best CBD vape oil

When vaporizing, CBD moves from your lungs directly into your bloodstream. This is a more effective method of consumption since your liver and stomach won’t have to break down the CBD molecules.

The best CBD oil for you might not be the best for someone else. There are CBD vape oils made with different ratios of CBD to THC. There are also CBD vape oils containing terpenes, catering to your tastes and needs. We recommend you try a few before settling on one as you’ll likely be using it all the time.

The best CBD vape oil

We are unable to crown a winner for the best CBD vape oil because that would ignore the varying needs of CBD users. Luckily, we can point you to some of the best CBD vape oil products on the market.

Infinite CBD’s Vape Cartridge


InfiniteCBD Can you eat raw weed?
Photo courtesy of Infinite CBD

Infinite CBD has created an incredibly potent, smooth CBD vape oil. Their isolates are lab tested, ensuring the purity of their CBD. This is one of the best CBD vape oil products because of the user’s ability to select which terpenes they’d like added to the oil. Did I mention you can choose between 8? All you have to do is chose one, and then select between 250 mg or 500 mg. This CBD vape oil is priced reasonably, especially for a customizable product. Good luck deciding between terpenes.

Vape Bright’s CBD Vape Cartridge

VapeBright Can you eat raw weed?
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Vape Bright has created a high-quality CBD vape cartridge. All of their products are lab tested and derived from organic hemp. While their products are not customizable, users report that they love the flavors and use the product almost daily. While their cartridges only come in a 200 mg size (at a pretty steep price), those who use Vape Bright’s CBD vape oil say it’s one of the best on the market.

Canna Hemp’s CBD Vape Pens

How to find the best CBD oil for your vape pen Can you eat raw weed?
Photo courtesy of CannaHemp

Canna Hemp has aimed to create CBD vape oils that make it easy for customers to find what they need. Their vape pens come in 5 varieties: Calm, Euphoria, Focus, Relief, and Sleep. Each pen uses different terpenes, allowing you to customize the flavor and outcome of your CBD use. Canna Hemp also lab tests their products, providing you with an analysis of terpene spectrum as well as the amount of CBD in each product. If you’ve never used a CBD vape before, these affordable products are a good place to start.

Jan 8, 2018