The five best stoner Christmas movies

Wait, that’s a thing? Yup, get ready to cozy up with loved ones…and a joint.

Dec 17, 2017
A screenshot from the Night before of the three male actors in christmas onesies

Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment via Youtube

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to think about traditions. Many families come together for the holidays to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas or Rudolph, but what are the best Christmas movies for weed-loving clans? These five are a good place to start.

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas


This film might not be the best Harold & Kumar movie in the trilogy, but it’s still just as raunchy and hilarious as the previous two installments. Like any Harold & Kumar movie, this one is full of jokes about sex, weed and…a magic waffle maker that saves the day. It’s not one of the most conventional Christmas movies, but it’s hilarious.

At the beginning of the film, Harold has given up smoking weed altogether so he can keep his big career. Like all good Christmas movies, A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas ends with both main characters figuring out what’s really important. And I’ll bet you can guess what that is…but we won’t tell you.

The Night Before 

Seth Rogen has made some of the best stoner films of all time so, of course, one of his masterpieces is going to appear on this Christmas movies list.

The Night Before follows a group of friends who’ve celebrated Christmas Eve every year by getting as messed up as possible. Since one member of the group is about to become a first-time dad, they realize this year’s Christmas Eve shenanigans will be the last. This sends them on a search for the greatest party in New York, which ends up feeling like a grown-up, holiday version of Superbad.

Friday After Next 

Sure, two people trying to pay their rent before Terry Cruze can do horrible things to them isn’t the usual set up for Christmas movies, but the time of year makes Friday After Next a much more interesting story. The movie takes any number of stressors from around the holiday season, exaggerates them, and brings you along for the hilarious ride. Plus, weed plays a pretty integral role in the plot of this movie, which is always a nice bonus.


While Scrooged doesn’t involve weed, Bill Murray is a marijuana icon so this underappreciated classic deserves a mention.

Scrooged is a modern re-telling of A Christmas Carol, except Billy Murray is Scrooge. What’s great about this movie is that it’s got pretty cutting satire, rather than just cliché Christmas humor. It’s mean and unapologetic. But don’t worry, it still ends on a warm note for those who like to feel sentimental this time of year.

The Nightmare Before Christmas 

Certain families watch The Nightmare Before Christmas on Halloween, others watch it on Christmas. Both families are wrong. You should watch The Nightmare Before Christmas both days. It’s a groundbreaking stop-motion movie, with some of the best music of any Christmas film.

The story doesn’t have anything to do with weed, but its surreal nature always make it a trippy experience.

Dec 17, 2017