10 best vaporizers for chronic pain if you don’t want to take opioids

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For those looking to escape the side effects of painkillers, these are the best vaporizers for chronic pain.

Feb 10, 2018

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Chronic pain can be debilitating and affects millions of people worldwide. Tons of people are prescribed opioid painkillers for chronic pain, but that’s been a driving force in the opioid epidemic that killed nearly 42,000 Americans in 2016. Can cannabis help chronic pain sufferers? Yes, and it’s safer and more natural than opioids like OxyContin.

Cannabis, especially cannabinoids like CBD and THC, can help people find pain relief because they’ve been proven to reduce inflammation, swelling, tension, and sore muscles. Plus, the body’s own endocannabinoid system plays a major role in pain perception.

Is CBD better for pain than THC? What about indica vs sativa? It will depend on the person, but generally, strains high in CBD as well as THC are good for pain relief. Indicas and indica-dominant hybrids are also used to relieve pain because they are known for producing a “body high.” Some strains are better at relieving chronic pain than others, but what’s even cooler, there are cannabis companies making vape pens specifically formulated for pain relief. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best vaporizers for chronic pain:

1. The Legion of Bloom: Re:lieve TerraPen

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Photo courtesy of thelegionofbloom.com

The whole line of Legion of Bloom TerraPens have a 1:1 THC: CBD ratio, which seems to be golden when it comes to treating pain. The Re:lieve vape pen includes a “therapeutic terpene profile” designed for pain relief. Plus, all Legion of Bloom extracts are made from organic and sustainable cannabis with no pesticides, chemicals, or additives.

2.Wildflower: Aches

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Photo courtesy of wildflowerus.com

Wildflower has an array of vape pens, including a whole CBD line. Their CBD pen “Aches” is perfect for chronic pain or fibromyalgia and is blended with rosemary and mint, essential oils known for their pain relieving properties. There is no THC in this disposable vape pen, making it a great option for those looking for CBD oil for pain. With high CBD content, this pen is one of the best vaporizers for chronic pain.

3. Happy Sticks: ACDC and Cannatonic

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Photo courtesy of happysticks.com

Happy Sticks makes vape pen cartridges sourced from flower grown in California’s Emerald Triangle. Their two CBD strains, ACDC and Cannatonic, are great for chronic pain relief. ACDC is totally non-intoxicating with a THC:CBD ratio of 1:20. Cannatonic is another great CBD oil for pain, with about 6% THC and 6 to 17% CBD. That means, Cannatonic provides a short, mellow high that’s totally relaxing.

4. Brass Knuckles: Blueberry, Tahoe OG, and Gelato

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Photo courtesy of brassknucklesog.com

If you prefer THC for pain relief, we’ve got you covered as well. Brass Knuckles cartridges come in many strains, but for pain, we’d recommend their indica strains Blueberry and Tahoe OG, as well as their hybrid, Gelato. Blueberry is strong, with about 80-90% THC for really intense chronic pain. Tahoe OG is about equally as strong with a lemony taste and pain relief that lasts a few hours. Their hybrid strain, Gelato, also packs a punch to help nullify pain with a sweet and fruity flavor making it one of the best vaporizers for chronic pain.

5. Care By Design: 1:1

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Photo courtesy of cbd.org

Care By Design, or CBD for short, makes a variety of CBD vape oil cartridges in different ratios. For maximum pain relief, we’d recommend their 1:1 THC:CBD option. Care By Design extract is made from organic and sustainable cannabis grown in Sonoma county, California, so you’re only vaping the cleanest cannabis concentrate.

6. dosist: Relief

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Photo courtesy of dosist.com

Dosist vape pens, formerly hmbldt, come in an assortment of “experiences” and Relief is designed just for that. Relief is high in cannabidiol (CBD), with a 2:1 THC:CBD ratio, so consumers get all the CBD benefits as well as relief from pain.

7. Rēl: Goliath Relax

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Photo courtesy of relvape.com

Rēl’s Goliath with their indica strain, “Relax,” is great for pain because it’s strong. In fact, the Goliath comes filled with 1.25g of oil for recreational users, and 2g for medical patients, because they understand med users need extra relief. Their indica strain “Relax” helps ease pain as well as aids with stress relief and sleep.

8. Seven Brand: Girl Scout Cookies, Blue Dream, and Tahoe OG

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Photo courtesy of seven-brand.com

Seven Brand makes a variety of cannabis oil strains. For pain relief, we’d recommend the hybrid, Girl Scout Cookies, for its full-body relaxing effects. For pain management, check out their sativa-dominant hybrid, Blue Dream, and for a pain that’s keeping you awake at night, try their indica, Tahoe OG, to put you to bed. This line of vaporizers for chronic pain allows you to target your symptoms for maximum relief.

9. Ionic: Pure

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Pure is Ionic’s original product, available as a cartridge or single-use vape pen. Pure is triple refined cannabis oil, so it’s stronger than some of the other vape pens on this list. That being said, if you need powerful, THC-fueled pain relief, this is the vape for you.

10. Eureka: Indica

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Photo courtesy of eurekavapor.com

Eureka vape pens are also potent with up to 94% THC. They come in a variety of sativa, indica, and hybrid strains, but we’d recommend one of their indicas, like Northern Lights, for maximum pain relief.

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Feb 10, 2018