You Can Wear This Blunt Bubbler as a Necklace

You’ll want to wear it every day, but you probably shouldn’t.

Jun 24, 2018
You Can Wear This Blunt Bubbler as a Necklace

Photo by Peter Amend via Getty Images

Mixing weed and fashion can get pretty cringy sometimes, but this blunt bubbler necklace is straight-up genius. Brought to you by the EDIT Collection, the Blunt Bubbler Pendant is the perfect accessory for every blunt and joint lover. There’s a small glass loop located on the top of this blunt bubbler so you can wear it as a necklace when you’re not toking up.

It’s the most convenient bubbler on the market.

Perfect for experienced smokers and newbies alike, the Blunt Bubbler Pendant offers the utmost portability and convenience of all blunt bubblers on the market. It’s so lightweight that you won’t even notice you’re wearing it. Hands-free transportation, aka wearing it as a necklace, makes it perfect for herbivores on-the-go.

Made from durable borosilicate glass, you can bring the Blunt Bubbler Pendant on a hike or to a concert without worrying about it getting lost or broken. It is spill-resistant with a sturdy base so it won’t tip over when you do put it down.

The Blunt Bubbler Pendant saves you weed, money and time.

We all know what it’s like cursing the roach for burning your fingers and lips before throwing it away. Throwing out a roach that has a couple of good hits left in it is the worst. When you throw out a roach, you’re also throwing weed and money down the drain.

The Blunt Bubbler Pendant will extend your stash, saving you weed and money. The Bubbler Pendant gives you the power to inhale every last hit of any blunt or joint. This will extend your stash since you’ll actually be inhaling all the herb you roll. After all, flower is expensive, so why waste it if you don’t have to. By extension, you’ll also be saving money, and there’s nothing bad to say about that. Imagine how much weed and money you’d save if you never threw away another smoking roach.

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Say goodbye to stressful, burn-inducing smoke sessions. Since it’s hanging around your neck, you won’t have to waste time finding your bubbler before the blunt gets too hot to hit. It also means you can crush a blunt pretty quickly since the pure, filtered smoke is so easy to inhale. The Blunt Bubbler Pendant is an inexpensive way to get smooth smoke and a big buzz without adding any bulky devices to your collection or burn wounds to your fingers.

Prepare for the smoothest smoke sesh you’ll ever experience.

This small blunt-bong hybrid uses water filtration and a percolator to deliver the smoothest and tastiest smoke sesh you’ll ever experience. Just add some water to the glass, slide your lit joint or blunt into the slot and then draw on the mouthpiece.

Ash and burning plant debris are filtered out of the smoke as it swirls through the water in the main chamber. The holes in the showerhead perc then break down the bubbles filtering the smoke even more. You’ll end up with smoother, tastier hits and less coughing fits.

You can use hot water for extra smooth hits, or cold water for refreshing, cloudy hits. At every temperature, the double filtration system makes the smoke easier to inhale. You get smooth smoke without sacrificing the flavor of your favorite dry herb strain. The Blunt Bubbler Pendant elevates any smoke sesh by delivering pure hits and a potent high.

Keeping the Blunt Bubbler Pendant clean is super easy. Empty it out and fill it with some isopropyl alcohol (we recommend Higher Standards ISO Pure) and clean water. Swirl it around until any discoloration and debris are gone.

The Blunt Bubbler Pendant is an inexpensive investment that saves you we and money and will have you puffing on smooth smoke for years to come. Available in pink, blue and clear glass, you’re guaranteed to find something that matches your outfit. Remember, anyone who thinks it’s goofy to wear a blunt bubbler as a necklace is same the person who’s still burning their fingers and lips on roaches while wasting weed, money and time.

Jun 24, 2018