17 True Confessions From Couples Who Bond Over Weed

Is cannabis the key to domestic bliss? These happy lovers think so.

Aug 11, 2016

Relationships take work. Anyone who says differently simply hasn’t been in one long enough. You are two separate beings trying to live life as a team, and that means bonding on many levels. Now days, more couples than ever are talking about how they bond over weed.

Bond over weed for domestic bliss

Opening your heart to someone means trying to see life through their eyes. Many people use cannabis to increase their empathy and emotional sensitivity. It lets your heart fill with joy, understanding, and love. Couples who enjoy cannabis together have deeper, stronger relationships, and less fighting.

Is cannabis the key to domestic bliss? These happy lovers think so. They posted on Whisper their love for each other, herb, and sharing everything together. Some couples light up to get along, some to celebrate, and some to get busy.

Whisper your love

Whisper is the anonymous social confession app where you can express your deepest desires and secrets. Millions of users go there to tell the world what they really feel, without fear of judgement.

Take a look at the confessions of these weed-wedded couples who find increased intimacy with cannabis. You might want to try it with your significant other. Think of it like a couple’s bonding ritual.

How does using cannabis improve your love life? Share your cannabis couples regimen with us on social media or in the comments below.

Aug 11, 2016