Life Just Got Better Thanks To Cannabis-Infused Wine

What would a cannabis-infused wine be like? One Californian company has combined the power of CBD with some deliciously sweet Spanish grapes.

Oct 19, 2016

Pair a nice Granddaddy Purple or Sour Diesel with a sweet pinot noir and you have yourself one robust flavor combination. The sweet, herbal acidity in many cannabis strains works surprisingly well with a nice cup of vino. So well that some entrepreneurs decided to combine the two. That’s right, cannabis-infused wine is now a thing. 

“Green” wines

1 cannabis infused wine African Americans At Greatest Risk For Cannabis Arrests
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Medical cannabis patients in California can now purchase CannaWine. CannaWine is a new green wine that combines the flavor and calming power of cannabis with alcoholic wine. The result is a cheery, physical high that is quite different from using either product alone.

CannaWine, however, won’t provide a psychoactive experience. The wine uses CBD hemp oil extracted from organic cannabis plants, not mind-altering THC.

Each bottle contains 50mg of CBD, just enough to provide a mellow, stress-relieving experience to the wine. The creation features 14% alcohol, fermented from Garnacha and cariñena grapes.

From the get-go, what’s most striking about CannaWine is its aroma. The makers recommend that the liquid breathes for a couple of minutes after opening. Featuring quite a bit of hemp oil, the cannabis scent can be quite strong. The unique taste also makes this wine best served cold. So, you’ll want to keep CannaWine in a cool basement or wine chiller.

Though CannaVine has a distinct herbal taste and aroma, this wine is a red through and through. It is not recommended to accompany an entree. Rather, this Spanish blend is best when paired with dessert or served with appetizers.

What’s the value of cannabis-infused wine?

2 cannabis infused wine African Americans At Greatest Risk For Cannabis Arrests
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Though this product may seem like something for a connoisseur collection, some think that CannaWine may be just the medicine some people need.

Melissa Etheridge, owner of Know Label wines told the LA Times,

I think that an herb-infused wine might be the sort of beautiful bridge to helps us to understand where cannabis fits in our culture. Who’s to say an herb-infused wine isn’t just the medicine a person is looking for at the end of the day?

The idea of wine as medicine may be a little far reaching. However, both the beverage and cannabis have a few things in common.

Red wine and cannabis both contain powerful antioxidants. They also both promote a process called neurogenesis, which spurs the growth of new brain cells in adults. Of course, you’ll need to consume in moderation to reap the most benefit.

Experimenting with cannabis-infused commodities is nothing new. Recently, entrepreneurs began marketing CBD-infused coffee beans and premixed beverages. Turns out, CBD pairs wonderfully with a variety of connoisseur foodstuffs.

Perhaps this is excellent news for cannabis sommeliers, who can now take special courses on the distinct aromatic features and terpenoid profiles of different plants.

Innovations in the cannabis industry only open the doors to specialization. Non-psychoactive Cannabis coffee already sells for $75 per pound. Haute cannabis cuisine is quickly gaining interest, and now infused-wines are adding richness and complexity to the scene.

Looks like there’s quite a niche for artisan goods in the cannabis space.

Oct 19, 2016