Turns Out Introverts Should Be Smoking More Weed

Over half of the world’s population has introverted tendencies. New research proves cannabis helps with the social pain that introverts suffer.

Jul 24, 2016

With over half of the world’s population having introverted tendencies, the effect that cannabis can have on them is definitely significant. Multiple studies are popping up with new insight into how cannabis can change the mindset of people with antisocial behaviour. But psychologist Timothy Deckman is particularly concerned with the pain that is often associated with the social lives of introverts.

Physical and emotional pain

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Deckman’s research is heavily influenced by a prior study that had shown how acetaminophen (ibuprofen) interacts with the brain. It focuses specifically on the brain regions containing cannabinoid 1 receptors. These receptors influence emotional responses derived from social interactions, and it turns out, ibuprofen can lessen the intensity of emotional distress that came from being social.

Deckman’s study wanted to determine if cannabis would have the same, or an even greater effect on social pain. Since THC and acetaminophen interact with similar receptors, Deckman was expecting great results before he even began human experiments.

The results? Introverts should smoke weed

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With data gathered from over 5000 Americans, Deckman concluded that those who regularly consumed cannabis had much lower feelings of loneliness and low self-worth. A parallel test also revealed that with 537 participants, those who smoked cannabis were less likely to suffer from major depression.

Some testaments from the cannabis-using introverts also help to display the effect it can have on the physical and mental health on specific types of mindsets.

Smoking really helps me center myself when I’m feeling overly anxious or socially warn out. It helps me sit down and think about what’s really important, and focus on the outside reality instead of what’s going on in my head. -Faemonsta

So with positive results from this study, cannabis can be confidently recommended to anyone that suffers from introverted tendencies. Whether it’s awkwardness at parties or sensitivity to criticism, cannabis may help buffer your normal emotional response.

What do you think of the findings of this study? Do you already use cannabis to help you with your social ineptitudes? Join the discussion on social media or in the comments below.

Jul 24, 2016