Cannabis Topicals: Because Your Skin & Sex Life Will Thank You

Cannabis is now being used in lotions, skin balms, oils, and baths salts, providing body benefits that include excellent orgasms and pain relief.

Apr 26, 2016

Now that cannabis is becoming legal for medical and recreational purposes, legal states like California and Oregon are taking on the opportunity to make a profit. Lots of products are being released, from cannabis-infused baked goods to vape pens that allow you to conveniently medicate. However, one product seems to be extremely promising, one that doesn’t even get you high. Cannabis topicals are now appearing more as lotions, skin balms, oils, and baths salts, providing body benefits that include excellent orgasms and pain relief. 

A new kind of high

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We all know the good that hemp seed oil does for the skin, but cannabis is taking things up a notch. While hemp seed oil does soften skin, it doesn’t contain a significant amount of cannabinoids, which are the active compounds found in the leaves and flowers of cannabis.

THC, the compound that is responsible for your high, is the most commonly known one. CBD (Cannabidiol), another cannabinoid found in both cannabis and hemp plants grown for fiber, is non-psychoactive and is proven to treat pain, anxiety, and nausea. According to Ah Warner, founder of body-care line “Cannabis Basics”  and a current activist for the industry, there are hundreds more of similar compounds, each with their own healing abilities.

“They’re anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, analgesic, cell-regenerative, and anti–cell proliferative for bad cells.”

When applied directly, cannabinoids can bring the benefits without the buzz. It’s like giving your aching parts a natural high, or your sensitive and dry skin. While most cannabinoid products are aimed at treating dry skin conditions, like eczema, they do go further beyond that focus. A product called “Oraximax”, an upcoming oral care line, will leak into the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of cannabinoid CBG. Cannabis Beauty Defined and Kannactive are skin care lines that come from the same parent company, their products contain hemp-derived CBD in their formulas that help to clear acne and hide the signs of aging.

Better sexual health

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Cannabis topicals can also be used in the bedroom. An example is Foria, a THC-loaded oil designed for pleasure that intensifies orgasms when applied. Dr. Jennifer Berman, M.D., a well-known sexual health advocate and clinician in L.A., actually prescribes Foria to patients and is even a fan. She spoke about it on Conan  and says:

“Perimenopausal, menopausal, and post-menopausal women who have noticed a decline in response have had great success with it.” She also claims that “Younger patients who have difficulty achieving orgasm have had enhanced response with it as well.”

How to get your own

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So, how and where can you get some of these products? Certain companies, like Colorado-based Apothecanna and Oregon-based Empower Bodycare, will ship CBD-only versions of their product across the country. Trista Okel, Empower Bodycare’s founder, claims that marijuana extracts that include THC:

“Work better—this is because of the ‘entourage effect,’ in which the combination of cannabinoids are greater than the sum of their parts.”

In legal states, like Washington, California, and Oregon, people of all ages can purchase the products from cannabis dispensaries. However, some cannabis brands, like Cannabis Basics, only sell in the states that they are manufactured in. Those with a medical card have dispensaries available in states that provide them, like California and Illinois.

Some companies also allow you to purchase the products online from certain medical-approved states. If all else fails, you could also plan a trip to Portland or Seattle or even Aspen. According to Warner, these products are effective and don’t pose a threat. “There’s no reason why everyone shouldn’t have access to them”, says Warner. Nevertheless, these products have a high success rate and are worth a try.

Will you be purchasing any of the skin-saving products? What about the pleasure oil? Let us know on social media or in the comments section below.

Apr 26, 2016