This bong lets you smoke weed and eat cereal at the same time

This might be the greatest way to wake and bake ever.

May 4, 2018

Photo courtesy of Breakfast Bowl Pipe

There’s nothing like that first hit of the day. Whether you have a severe case of the Monday blues or are stuck in bed with unbearable period cramps, smoking weed first thing in the morning can turn a bad day into a good one instantly. Unfortunately, in our time-starved society, not everyone has time in the morning to dedicate to their beloved Mary Jane.

If you’re one of many faithful breakfast eaters, who also appreciates cannabis, then there is a new brilliant way to make sure you get a few puffs in before leaving the house and never miss the most important meal of the day. The secret is the Breakfast Bowl, a bong that lets you smoke weed and eat cereal at the same time.

If you think you don’t have time to smoke weed in the morning, or that you’ve come up with the best wake and bake routine yet, then the Breakfast Bowl is about to prove you wrong.

Once upon a time, before it became the Breakfast Bowl, this bong was something you only saw on the internet, but could never actually buy. Then, Ryan Hart, its creator, came along and turned the idea into a whole product. Now, the Breakfast Bowl isn’t just a dream-come-true, but it’s also a fully functional device, just like any regular bong or pipe.

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Photo courtesy of Breakfast Bowl Pipe

The Breakfast Bowl is hand-crafted using top-quality borosilicate glass and features a 2 cup eating bowl with a waterpipe built into its chamber, which is connected by a downstem and mouthpiece. Despite being linked, neither the bowl for your herbs or the bowl for your Lucky Charms ever come into contact with one another. No weed bits in your milk.Just pure, cool hits of the dank topped off by spoonfuls of milk and cereal.

Thanks to the Breakfast Bowl, you never have to choose between breakfast and the most crucial hit of the day.

The Breakfast Bowl comes in two different bundles: the Breakfast Bowl Bundle and the Breakfast Bowl Artistic Bundle. With the first set, you get the Breakfast Bowl base, your choice of slide and mouthpiece, a coordinating debowler ashtray, one hookah hose, and a cleaning plug set, all for $119. Plus shipping is free. As for the other bundle, you get the base, a Signature Series 18mm slide and mouthpiece, a coordinating debowler ashtray, one hookah hose, and a cleaning plug set, along with free shipping, for $10 more.

You also have the option of getting the Breakfast Bowl Party Pack, which is the most expensive but comes with extra value. For starters, you get three hookah hoses in addition to a 3-piece hookah attachment, making this pack perfect for sharing a session with friends. Aside from that, you get the base, a faded needle, a blue bowl piece, a transparent blue debowler ashtray, a cork coaster, and a cleaning plug set. Talk about the ultimate party pipe.

There’s no wrong way to wake and bake or to eat your cereal. But the Breakfast Bowl combines the best of both bowls to make waking and baking more convenient than ever. Sure, you can always stick to your regular wake and bake routine. But will you look nearly as cool getting your first sesh of the day on as you will with this amazing pipe? We cereal-ously doubt it.

May 4, 2018