Support Veterans Suffering From PTSD With This Innovative Vape Pen

May 18, 2018
This Vape Pen Can Help Veterans Steer Clear of Dangerous Opioids

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Bryant Burton didn’t want to make another vape pen. The former United States Marine saw a rapidly growing personal, portable vaporizer market, but didn’t want to hop in with a cheaply made pen that wouldn’t make an impact. “We didn’t want to just develop a product and try to rush it to market. We made sure the functionality was curated toward our customers, which we think we’ve done,” Burton told us. The Skama Tek 1.0 isn’t just a stylish statement piece, though. Burton wanted to do more, and so he is partnering with organizations to help find relief for those suffering from PTSD.

Get a Vape, Give a Vape

There’s a growing mountain of evidence to support the use of cannabis for the treatment of PTSD, particularly amongst veterans. Giving veterans access to safe medical cannabis options is more pressing than ever in the light of the growing opioid crisis. With many veterans looking to manage their often debilitating PTSD symptoms, opioids provide a dangerous-yet-available answer.

Honoring his past as a Marine, Burton’s company have made an exciting decision to partner with a number of veterans organizations. For every Skama Tek 1.0 unit you purchase, Skama Tek will donate one of their vaporizers to a veteran dealing with the effects of PTSD. The concentrate vaporizer is perfectly suited for those who need higher doses of medicine in order the manage their symptoms.

SKAMA Manhattans District Attorney Will No Longer Prosecute Low Level Cannabis Crimes
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New Vape Pen with All-New Technology

Most traditional concentrate vape pens use a 510 thread coil heating element to vaporize your waxes. This industry standard if effective, but the team at Skama Tek thought it could be improved upon with the patent pending snap and lock system.. The key to smooth, pure vapor is slow, even heat, a key component of which is the actual connection.

The 510 thread coil was long considered the best way to connect your atomizer to the battery of the unit. A consistent heat means even vaporization, which minimizes the chances of your concentrates burning, which can produce harmful carcinogens and some less than desirable flavors.

Skama Tek’s custom donut style atomizer offers a consistent connection for more even heating and smoother, purer and more potent vapor for you. A better connection to the battery allows each of the three heat settings to be achieved more accurately, for a more enjoyable vape pen experience no matter how you prefer it. What good is a quality heating system if you can’t actually get your concentrate in the pen?

Clean Your Vape Pen For Better Flavor and Greater Health Benefits

6 Manhattans District Attorney Will No Longer Prosecute Low Level Cannabis Crimes
Photo courtesy of Skama Tek

A well-maintained vaporizer can make the world of difference to the quality of its vapor. Concentrates, waxes and shatters can quickly gunk up your atomizer, mouthpiece and chamber, rendering your once delightful vape pen nothing but a chimney for bad tastes and worse quality clouds. There are a number of solvents and alcohol-free products designed to clean your vape pen easily without compromising its flavor.

Cleaning is only easy if your vaporizer co-operates. Traditionally threaded atomizer can occasionally get just as gunked up, which can compromise your connection, and others are just a headache to disassemble. The Skama Tek 1.0 unit is simple to take apart and put back together thanks to its unique atomizer design, so you’ll never have to worry about losing flavor.

For the medicinal consumer, this also means maximizing the efficacy of your medicine and cutting down on carcinogens entering your body.

Portable Vape Pens That Can Actually Go Anywhere

Getting caught out without your dab tool can be the worst, but so can lugging around a pack or case to house all your accessories. Aren’t vape pens supposed to slip in your pocket discreetly after all?

Waxes, shatters and crumbles also aren’t cheap, so wasting them fumbling around with cumbersome tools or a difficult to open vape pen can be a nightmare. The Skama Tek vape pen bypasses this by packing the dab tool right into the vaporizer itself. Simply remove it, load up the chamber, reattach the atomizer and get back to vaporizing.

Picking up a Skama Tek 1.0 doesn’t just offer you a premium concentrate vaporizer experience — it actually helps those dealing with PTSD. For every Skama Tek 1.0 purchased, Burton will donate a vape pen through a number of organizations dedicated to helping veterans. Head to the Skama Tek website to pick up your own pen and help those in need.

May 18, 2018