Do-Si-Dos: One Of The World’s Most Powerful Indicas

Have you tried Do-Si-Dos? This tranquil indica can reach a soaring 30% THC, making this strain one for the cannabis connoisseurs.

Mar 10, 2017

Do-Si-Dos is a rising star hybrid with Cookies heritage. This entrancing and dreamy flower has deeply tranquilizing effects. With astronomical THC levels, indigo leaf coloration, and a funky sweet shortbread aroma, there is much to love about Do-Si-Dos. Here’s why this strain is sure to delight consumers for years to come:

Strain details

Do-Si-Dos is a heavy-hitting indica from Archive Seeds. A Girl Scout Cookies (OGKB cut) offspring, this sedative bud has inherited the same delicious doughy, shortbread aroma.

Yet, the indica in this strain primarily comes from Face Off OG, which provides a spinning euphoric high and strong sensations of bodily relaxation.

Like many in the Cookies family line, Do-Si-Dos is extremely potent. This strain has been known to produce up to 30 percent THC, which places it among the most powerful strains in the world. With levels like this, this strain is recommended for experienced consumers. Those sensitive to THC may experience some dizziness, headache, or heavy sedation.

Unlike other Girl Scout Cookies children, Do-Si-Dos is available in seed form. However, getting your hands on some of these seeds may cost you. At one point, they were selling for up to $900 per pack.

The buds from this strain are quite beautiful, sometimes featuring red and deep purple hues, that sometimes look almost black.

The Do-Si-Dos experience

Do Si Dos 1 Heres What Happens When You Smoke A Pure Hash Joint
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This strain is ideal for fans of heavy-hitting buds. Do-Si-Dos provides a smooth and relaxing body buzz, the herbal equivalent to stepping into a warm bath. This deep sense of physical calm is often accompanied by a cerebral, uplifting mental experience.

A truly well-crafted hybrid strain, Do-Si-Dos sends you off into a dreamy, euphoric bliss. However, don’t let this bud’s sweet name fool you. Do-Si-Dos definitely produces some strong effects.

This strain is not a great one to pull out when you’re hoping to improve your attention. Rather, Do-Si-Dos produces more of a rolling high, skewing your sense of time and melting away any stress or worries.

Do-Si-Dos is recommended as an evening strain. Unless your tolerance is high, this is not a bud that will help you get things done or provide you with any get-up and go. Rather, falling asleep or spending some quality time on the sofa is easy with this strain. Having snacks at the ready will certainly be helpful.

Why do people use Do-Si-Dos

Do Si Dos 2 Heres What Happens When You Smoke A Pure Hash Joint
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Recreationally, Do-Si-Dos is a strain for a powerful smoke out. Narcotic-like, this flower is something to whip out after a particularly challenging day at work, when you really need some help winding down and chilling out.

Do-Si-Dos can certainly be fun, but this flower isn’t the most sociable in the world. Though, you certainly may find yourself grinning and giggling throughout the experience.

If you’re sharing Do-Si-Dos with friends, activities akin to movies and video games are more in tune with what this strain provides.

This strain makes for some powerful medical cannabis, particularly among patients with chronic pain conditions and insomnia. While this strain is high in THC, some may find the powerful sedation in this bud helpful for anxiety and panic attacks.

Taking a puff of Do-Si-Dos delivers strong, tranquilizing smoke or vapor to the blood stream and the brain. Yet, this sedation is not for lightweights. This bud has some powerfully drowsy properties.

Mar 10, 2017