How to plan a dream weed vacation

420 lodging, dispensary tours, and a whole lotta bud.

Apr 9, 2018

With the advent of recreational cannabis legalization, more and more weed destinations are vying for your tourist dollars.

Since it’s technically not legal to smoke weed in public anywhere in the U.S., you must choose your destination carefully for your dream weed vacation. It’s important to find pot-friendly accommodations so there will be a place to relax and enjoy the fruits of your cannabis shopping binge. That’s why we’ve factored in the cost of a night’s stay at 420-friendly lodging in each city.

So, just how expensive would it be to turn this dream weed vacation into a stoned reality?

Let’s take a look at how much it would cost for one night of a dream weed vacation in a few major legal cities. Your curated experience includes a suggested eighth of flower, an edible, and a local pot tour. You’re welcome.

1. Denver, Colorado: $458

Downtown Denver offers a charming option for 420 tourists: the Adagio “Bud & Breakfast,” a 125-year-old Victorian house in the Wyman Historic District. There are cheaper options, but we’re talking dream weed vacation here. The Adagio has a 420 Happy Hour, cannabis-infused massages, and great reviews on TripAdvisor. Rooms for two adults go for $299 a night.

One of the best dispensaries for your dream weed vacation in Denver is The Joint in the Berkeley neighborhood. The Joint is widely considered one of the top recreational pot shops in the entire state. You won’t go wrong by selecting some Blueberry Headband flowers at The Joint. This euphoric strain is a bargain at $40 an eighth.

The Joint also stocks Blue Kudu chocolate bars in seven flavors. It’s hard to beat the Alpine Glacier mint dark chocolate bar, which contains 100 mg THC. If you’re a novice, you’ll want to portion this bar out into bite-sized pieces. It contains what the state of Colorado considers to be 10 recreational doses. If you, on the other hand, like to have that much THC at once, Blue Kudu bars are a way to do that for just $20.

Lots of 420 themed tours are available in Denver. One popular choice is The Original Denver Cannabis Tour, by Colorado Cannabis Tours. Your tour guides will take you to dispensaries, glassblowers, grow facilities, restaurants, and historic sites. You can get legally high in a limo or party bus as you make your way through the city. Let someone else worry about the driving! The tours start at $99 per person.

2. Seattle, Washington: $336

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Cannabis City Store Front for your dream weed vacation in Seattle  (Photo by Cannabis city via Facebook)

The Winston House is perfect for your dream weed vacation in Seattle. This bed and breakfast (a big bedroom in a cabin) features its own private entry. Bongs, pipes, and rolling papers are thoughtfully provided for your use. After you cop a buzz, enjoy the outdoor saltwater hot tub. Rooms start at $115 per night through Airbnb.

While you’re in Seattle on your dream weed vacation, you can visit its very first pot shop, Cannabis City. The spacious store has a huge selection of flowers, edibles and glass. You’ll love the trippy multi-colored facade on the building, too. Try an eighth of the Death Star by Boggy Boon. It tips the scales at 30 percent THC and goes for a reasonable $35.

Hono Sativa Turtles are some of the most delicious infused edibles you’ll ever try. These milk chocolate dollops are topped with a pretzel, yummy caramel, and a pecan. The perfect blend of salty and sweet. A 10-pack will cost you $36. Each treat contains 10 mg THC, for a total of 100 mg in the pack.

The Kush Tour visits glass shops, a cannabis garden, extraction labs and more. The guided tour lasts three and a half hours and begins at 10 a.m. Monday through Saturday. The cost is $150 per person.

3. Portland, Oregon: $250

Smoking of any kind is unlawful in Oregon hotels and motels. But given that, Jupiter Hotel offers some of the most 420 friendly accommodations in Portland for your dream weed vacation. They can even provide you with brochures of weed-related information and a tourist guide to the marijuana market in Portland. And they’re a short walk away from Tom McCall Park. That’s where you’re sure to find other people violating the no-smoking-weed-in-public law. Just saying. Rooms are $125 and up, relatively affordable for a dream weed vacation.

Nectar SW 53rd Avenue is not just one of the best pot shops in Portland, it’s one of the best anywhere. Part of Oregon’s largest dispensary chain, this shop keeps a staggering 70 strains in stock. Go for an eighth of the Forum GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies). It’s 25 percent THC and costs just $30 an eighth.

You don’t want to leave Nectar without pickup up a Peak Extracts Dark Chocolate bar made with GG #4. Each contains 50 mg THC and costs $20.

The Potlandia Experience is a rock and roll bus trip around “Potland.” One of the best things about it is you can smoke your brains out on the bus while on the weed tour. You’ll visit dispensaries, food carts, microbreweries, and even get to munch out at the legendary Voodoo Doughnut. Tours start at $75.

4. Las Vegas, Nevada: $657

Now that Nevada’s finally legalized, you can combine a Vegas trip with your dream weed vacation. But as with most things in Vegas, it won’t come cheaply. This “Downtown Highrise Close to Dispensaries” starts at $475 a night. The apartment is “filled with 420 themed goodies, courtesy of your hosts,” according to Cannabis Tours. And it has dispensaries within walking distance.

Essence Vegas is conveniently located for tourists who are visiting the Las Vegas Strip. Try an eighth of their OG Story, based on OG Kush genetics. Who doesn’t love euphoria? It costs $52 an eighth.

A Glacé Dark Chocolate Gold Bar would be an astute choice of edibles at Essence. Produced by Libra Wellness, the bar contains 100 mg of THC. It costs $30.

For your dream weed vacation, 420 Tours Las Vegas takes you VIP style to two Vegas recreational dispensaries, The Grove and Sahara Wellness. Their goodie bag includes RAW papers, a lighter, a dispensary guide, pamphlets and cannabis industry magazines. The tour costs $100 per person.

Apr 9, 2018