Five more reasons you should pick up a steamroller pipe

All the best steamrollers for fast and phenomenal highs.

May 11, 2018

For enormous and direct hits of weed, the kind that hit you hard and gets you insanely stoned, a steamroller pipe is a shoo-in for the job. Unlike the other types of pipes out there, which get you nice and buzzy gradually, there are no delayed highs with steamrollers. With that being said, beginners should proceed to puff on a steamroller with caution. They may look basic and gentle, but little do some know, steamrollers are mean rippers in disguise.

As for the expert weed tokers out there, you need at least one steamroller in your life. Bongs and pipes will get you high, but not as quickly or conveniently as a steamroller. Because steamrollers feature a straight-forward design, including a straight tube and two open ends, one being the mouthpiece and the other the carb, and a bowl, there is little to no preparation involved with smoking your herb out of a steamroller and getting lit in an instant. Though the variety is endless, these are the five best steamrollers for quick and powerful tokes.

1. Grav Labs 7″ Steamroller Glass Pipe

One of the best steamrollers for daily use is the 7″ Steamroller by Grav Labs. This steamroller pipe is made of high-quality borosilicate glass, making it durable and fit for smoking weed every single day. Unlike a spoon pipe, which doesn’t take any effort to knock over, the 7″ Steamroller pipe can stand firmly on its own two feet, literally. It also features a decent-sized bowl, leaving plenty of room for your favorite herb. And with its inverted mouthpiece that doubles as a built-in ash-catcher, there will be no throwing of ashes or scooby snacks while you’re trying to enjoy quick, strong tokes of Mary Jane.

2. Marley Natural Smoked Steamroller Pipe

For sophisticated cannabis connoisseurs that love high-end smoking accessories, but not the $100 price tag, this borosilicate glass steamroller pipe by Marley Natural offers a supreme smoking experience at a discount. The Smoked Steamroller pipe isn’t just one of the best steamrollers for the weed-wise based on its image alone, but also its performance. Aside from being low-maintenance when it comes to cleaning, the Smoked Steamroller pipe delivers pure, massive hits of herb without a hitch props to its “thumb-press” bowl, which allows consumers to pack their desired amount of weed in a jiffy. It’s also light and compact, meaning those quick and powerful tokes can be savored on-the-go when you get a craving for a fresh hit of the sticky-icky.

3. Large Glass Steamroller Pipe

If the struggle is real and you don’t have a ton to spend on a pipe, then this Large Glass Steamroller is one of the best steamroller pipes for enjoying fast and mighty tokes on a budget. Since it’s cheap, the Large Glass Steamroller is also ideal for clumsy consumers as it costs next to nothing to replace. But don’t let its incredibly reasonable cost raise an eyebrow. The Large Glass Steamroller, constructed of borosilicate glass, is just as effective as any other pipe of its kind, only with this one, in particular, you get more than you expected without coughing up a fortune.

4. Grav Labs Jane West 4.25″ Steamroller Swoopy

To be so small, the Jane West 4.25″ Steamroller Swoopy is a monster, a stylish and boldly blue beast at that. Featuring a lifted bowl and an oversized carb, the Steamroller Swoopy designed Jane West and made by Grav Labs unleashes beautiful clouds of smoke at high speed. Its fun-size body also makes it one of the best steamroller pipes for conveniently pulling out and using on-the-go. Not to mention, its striking design makes it a gorgeous pipe worth showing off both inside and out.

5. Headdies Steamroller Pipe

Last on the list of the best steamrollers for quick and powerful tokes is the Headdies Steamroller pipe. In addition to a simple, classic design, this steamroller pipe by Headdies features a colored Headdies logo on the side to give it flair. From blue and white to glow in the dark, this pipe comes in a variety of color combinations. But considering each pipe delivers fresh, vast hits of herb from a six-inch body, you’ll want to collect them all.


May 11, 2018