Heartbroken? 5 Reasons You Should Get High

We look at five of the top reasons why smoking marijuana can take you out of the gloom of depression and despair after losing someone close to you.

Feb 25, 2016

While drugs aren’t a permanent fix for your ever day problems, nor our recommendation for permanent fixes, we look at how marijuana can help with heartbreak, deep depression and the loss of those you love in your life. Not to get mushy but losing someone you truly love with all of your heart can mess with your entire being. 

After a long-term commitment, one can become disheveled, weak, restless, and sickly depressed, and sometimes even suicidal. When I lost someone I loved recently, I was wholly wrecked. I became disconnected from the world in which so much light had gathered through my happiness when I was in love with this person; my days were easier, and I saw things from a kinder, sweeter perspective.

After losing this special someone, my heart actually began to beat differently with very sick sharp pains. I couldn’t think straight and had no desires for daily task, work, or friendship. Perhaps that sounds crazy though it was all very real. Honestly, I was truly depressed. Talking to people made me sick. I wanted to sleep but I simply could not. I even found it hard to have conversations with others.

Here are 5 reasons why getting high helped me get through my heartbreak and depression:

1. Mood stabilizer

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While grass could not mask the pain I felt for losing the person I cared so deeply about, a good sativa did help me get through the work day. A few tokes would take my mind off of the depression and sickness I felt when it came to seeing others. The sativa was an active uplifting high that gave me enough energy to make it through the day and take my mind off the awful pain I felt in my heart.

2. Insomnia at night

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My nights had become like a looping Hank Williams album. I became so restless when I lost my lover- that classic track “tossing and turning the whole night through” was a weekly repeat. Indica helped with this and the pain in my chest. This is a very very strange pain which I keep referring to, one of the major mysteries of how falling away from love breaks you apart; the mystery of the deepness of hearts. With restless nights and painful depression, the indica was definitely a good personal choice in helping me get to sleep at night.

3. Marijuana over drinking

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Drinking is a depressant and will only make your heart sunk feelings worse. Marijuana, at least, stabilized my mood enough that I could get through my day without sinking into further depression or getting so emotional that I might do something irrational. It is never a good idea to get drunk and try to fix your problems with love. In my experience, it only makes things worse after what time it mask them.

4. Increased appetite

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Being down and out can make a person just not care about anything. Friendships. Eating. The desire to go out. These all go to the wayside. When a person is depressed they can feel like eating makes them sicker. This is a very horrible and wrenching experience, trying to eat with the rot of the looping thoughts of you and your lovers old arguments wrapped in the throat, trying to understand just what happened,  and just what went wrong. However, with marijuana the appetite increases, not to mention food always taste much better.

5. Creativity & Euphoria

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THC is a psychedelic medicine and at the proper dosage can be very creative, uplifting in mood, process of thought, and feel-good euphoria. It brings friends together at times when you are down, brightens day trips down sunny roads, inspires creative genius, and dampers the longings for loves lost. While it won’t completely take away the pain, it will inspire new things in moving forward.

Has marijuana helped you in your heartbreak? Let us know your thoughts on social media or in the comments section below.

Feb 25, 2016