Hemp Skateboards: Combining Performance With Nature

These hemp skateboards are crafted with the belief that skateboarding and the care for our planet should go hand in hand.

May 11, 2017

Once more, hemp is being used in an innovative way, which will help secure the future – not just of skateboarding but also the planet – for longer. These hemp skateboards are crafted with the belief that skateboarding and the care for our planet should go hand in hand.

We live in an age where you can buy skateboards made of hemp

Well, we live in an age where you can almost buy a skateboard made from hemp – if the Kickstarter goal is reached. The goal of $25,000 will allow Rolkaz Collective produce the decks, which are made from quality natural hemp fibers.

But who are the Rolkaz Collective?

The brand was founded by passionate creatives, who are also boardsport enthusiasts, dedicated to bringing such innovative ideas to life but in most sustainable way possible.

Inspired by nature and designed for the future, our goal was to combine high-quality natural materials with modern design and a heavy dose of performance.

Hemp skateboards

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The decks are made from hemp, which is a complete change and innovation in the way skateboards are made. The Rolkaz Collective decks are made from 100 percent natural hemp and flax fibers, using high-performance plant-based resin, which are all natural and sustainable materials from renewable resources.

This unique construction makes for a deck that is not only the sustainable and responsible choice but also one that has enhanced performance and some awesome characteristics.

But the hemp skateboards are not just an innovation in terms of processes and materials that the Rolkaz Collective has researched, as there were new tools invented, new technologies used and the design had to be perfected, all to create the unique hemp skateboard.

We worked really hard to replace traditional skateboard materials with sustainable alternatives to design the construction that we envisioned.

True innovation

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Despite the new tools and process, the real innovation is that the boards are made solely of natural hemp and flax fibers, which are bound together with high-performance plant based resin.

That means that both the design and the manufacturing of the Rolkaz Collective decks will reduce the environmental impact of production, since all the materials and processes are the best in the industry, from the environmental perspective.

But just because it’s better for the environment doesn’t mean that the skateboards won’t perform, as each has an optimized shape, refined construction, all helping for that premium riding experience, which just proves that innovative alternatives to standard materials can maintain the highest level of performance – and that’s the real kicker.

So, no matter what your status is as a skater, from shredder to cruiser, you can be sure that one of the carefully crafted boards will work for you, doing so into the future, which these boards are built for.

Check out their Kickstarter page, and gnarly Instagram.

May 11, 2017