The HERB 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

The best way to spread holidaze cheer is with the gift of cannabis… and great accessories. Here’s our collection of the best products for you.

Nov 30, 2016

The holiday season is here, and with it, the ordeals of finding the perfect gift. But that mad holiday rush is no place to enjoy a mellow buzz, so why not do your shopping online and save the hassle. The best way to spread holiday cheer is with the gift of cannabis and some great accessories to go with it. For that special cannabis lover in your life, here is our gift guide, featuring the best products on the market.

1. Magical Butter Machine

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The Magical Butter Machine turns home cannabis extraction from a chore to a piece of cake. Just load some decarbed herb and butter into the machine, set it and forget it. MagicalButter Makes Herbal Butters, Oils, Tinctures, Soups, Sauces, Salad Dressings, Skin Care Products, Pet Medicines, and more.

If you have that special DIY mom or friend, this money saving appliance will save them hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year compared to buying commercial edibles, and give them the power to control the ingredients.

2. Firefly 2 vaporizer

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If the weed enthusiast in your life loves simplicity and control, then the Firefly 2 is a great present. With the ability to control temperature settings with a smartphone app and only a 3-second heat time, the Firefly 2 has the performance to make them smile.

Not only does the Firefly heat fast, but it charges fast as well. The new charging cradle completely recharges the unit in as little as 45 minutes. Now that is a product designed for a busy lifestyle.

3. Kandy Pens Waxxy

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For a smooth concentrate experience that will leave a smile on your girl’s face, the most powerful yet stylish pen for concentrates is here. KandyPens Waxxy is a ladies’ best friend.

They also afford sleek sensibility with a slim, portable design, perfect for pants pockets. Even better, it comes with lifetime coil replacement, so your Holiday honey never has to drive around for parts.

4. Source Vapes Orb 4

HERBs Holiday Gift 4 Minnesota Adds PTSD To Medical Cannabis Conditions
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This vaporizer is all about clean flavor and easy use. With interchangeable ovens for a variety of vaping experiences, the Source Vapes Orb 4 Signature Kit Coilless Temp Control Vape pen is a concentrate lover’s dream come true.

SourceVapes’ powerful magnetic lid means no threads to strip when loading or cleaning and the vapor created in just seconds is ultra smooth, thanks to their use of stainless steel 303 (the healthiest metal on the market) and Grade 1 & 2 titanium for zero flavor interference from the vaporizer itself.

5. Pax 3

pax3 Minnesota Adds PTSD To Medical Cannabis Conditions
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The king of vaporizers is at it again launching the PAX 3 just in time for the holiday season. The PAX 3 is dual function vaporizer and allows you to vape your favorite HERB and concentrates. Some of the key additions include three different oven options, a mobile app, and a lip sensing technology.

This is a great gift for a cannabis user of any experience.

6. CannaPunch drinks

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If you want to give the drink so delicious, it’s hard to stop drinking it, then CannaPunch is the gift to get. For that non-carbonated experience, nothing beats their five spectacular flavors – Grand Daddy Grape, Black Cherry Fusion, Blue Raspberry Sour, Watermelon Nectar, and the out-of-this-world Pineapple Mango Delight.

A delicious blend of Hawaiian Punch-like flavors with potent THC will make for the biggest smile a present can get when you wrap up a few of these for Christmas gifts.

7. Haze V3 vaporizer

HERBs Holiday Gift 7 Minnesota Adds PTSD To Medical Cannabis Conditions
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If you have that friend who loves cannabis in all its forms, then this is the vaporizer for them. The Haze V3 is the only vaporizer on the market to feature dual ovens, and the ability to switch from dry herbs to liquids, waxes, or concentrates just by switching canisters.

The beautiful housing keeps the unit cool to the touch, and the vapor is incredible. Any cannabis lover would jump for joy to find one of these under their tree this year. It also comes with the longest warranty in the industry, covered for ten years.

8. Kushy Punch gummies

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If your herb-loving family and friends prefer tasty gummies, then Kushy Punch has the gift to please. Their line of gummies not only taste amazing but let the user pick how they want to feel with strain & effect specific products.

Grab a variety pack and let your loved ones enjoy the effects of uplifting Sativa, relaxing Indica, Hybrid total mind/body effects, Recover (THC + CBD) for balanced enjoyment, CBD-only for medical effects without the mental ones, or TKO for high-tolerance users and severe pain relief.

9. 1Hour Break

HERBs Holiday Gift 9 Minnesota Adds PTSD To Medical Cannabis Conditions
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With all the amazing options for giving someone you love the cannabis they crave, you might want to give them something that lets them curb some of the anxiety that THC can produce, especially in larger doses.

1Hour Break is the ultimate product for relieving stress and anxiety naturally, with high-quality Kava Kava sourced from the South Pacific along with Lobelia herb, Passion Flower, and Lemon Balm to soothe away stress in minutes.

10. Buddabox

HERBs Holiday Gift 10 Minnesota Adds PTSD To Medical Cannabis Conditions
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For the gift that keeps on giving, nothing says “I love you” like a grab bag of the best cannabis accessories available in one inconspicuous box delivered right to the door. And one of the best boxes around is Buddabox.

Get your loved one a little bit of everything, or keep them stocked all year with a Buddabox subscription plan. They will love the top-of-the-line gear from the best brands in the world, and a guaranteed glass piece in each box.

11. Seedless Clothing

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Any cannabis lover knows, there has been one company offering incredible artistic prints and killer threads for the cannabis community for over 20 years. Seedless Clothing has the most iconic and recognizable imagery in cannabis today.

Whether your friend likes hats, tees, shoes, wallets… you name it, they have it. Seedless Clothing fashions are a must have for any true weed enthusiast. It will be the one time someone gets excited about getting clothes for Christmas.

12. Keef Cola

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Want to give a great tasting root beer with a real kick? Forget the liquor aisle. Grab a Keef Cola. With the largest selection of infused sodas on the market, they are masters of liquid THC refreshment, and they have the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup Award for Best Edible to prove it.

Even better, they have doses in both medical and lower recreational levels, so the user can enjoy an entire beverage instead of a tiny swallow without being overwhelmed.

13. Raw Rolling Papers RYO Box

raw Minnesota Adds PTSD To Medical Cannabis Conditions
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For a pure smoking experience, the best source of unbleached, unrefined papers to ensure only the herb is tasted, Raw Rolling Papers are an industry standard.

Now, not only do they offer the best papers on the market, but they offer deluxe gift sets perfect for presenting to the discerning connoisseur. And if you truly want to get someone a great gift, why not get them the perfect stash box, the RYO Box. It features a 4-magnet lid and three divided sections for keeping everything in place.

14. Shine 24k Gold Rolling Papers

shine Minnesota Adds PTSD To Medical Cannabis Conditions
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Half of the fun of unwrapping presents is in the beautiful paper it is wrapped in. So if you plan to surprise someone this holiday season with some amazing herb, why not treat it the same?

Shine Papers have the most elegant rolling papers in the world. 24k gold or white gold exudes taste and will make a great presentation for those wonderful joint stocking stuffers.

15. Flow Kana craft cannabis

kanaflow Minnesota Adds PTSD To Medical Cannabis Conditions
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There’s no better gift than that of cannabis itself. And no better cannabis on the market than the premium quality strains produced by the Flow Kana farms. Mendocino County rests right in the heart of the Emerald Triangle and has spread the love of high-quality cannabis to the world for over 40 years.

Now you can give the experience of plants produced by the best growers in the world legally in California. From the fields of Swami Select, Hope Springs, Emerald Grown, and Happy Days Farms, you can give the best in organic, sustainably grown herb the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

16. Grav Labs Ionix tabletop vaporizer

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Sometimes, a portable vaporizer just doesn’t cut the mustard. For that friend who enjoys the sit-down experience, the ultimate toy is the Ionix T101 tabletop vaporizer by Grav Labs. This beast is ready in seconds and can stay at home or travel in a backpack. The Ionix boasts not one, but three separate coil atomizers, and the ability to heat one, two, or all three at once.

For the concentrate lover who likes to mix and match products, this is the perfect blender substitute. They can vape three different concentrates at once, without having to mix and make a mess.

17. Coffee Mug Pipe

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What better way to wake and bake on Christmas morning than with a bowl of herb to go with your pot of coffee? But for those who want to keep the morning ritual a low-key one, nothing comes close to the one and only Coffee Mug Pipe.

Featuring a stainless steel construction, telescoping out to a 2.5 foot bong, and able to carry up to 12 oz. of brew, the original Coffee Mug Pipe is a thing of beauty, and power. Then, when the smoker is done, it folds in seconds back into an inconspicuous ordinary coffee mug.

18. US Hemp Co. Clothing

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Cannabis isn’t just for medicine and fun. The strain known as industrial hemp holds many uses of its own. Lumped into the prohibition of smoked herb, it lost its place in American industry for years, but is coming back with a vengeance, thanks to companies like US Hemp Co. And unlike other brands that might spurn their close affinity with medical cannabis, they embrace it.

Nothing shows dedication to freeing the herb like a wardrobe made from its fibers. Hemp is the strongest, most durable, longest-lasting natural fiber on the earth. Because of the plant itself, also carries anti-microbial properties and doesn’t trap odors, making it the perfect clothing choice to wear while blazing.

19. Foria Pleasure

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For that special someone in your life, Foria has the perfect gift. A cannabis lubricant for intimate moments, Foria Pleasure takes the ancient practice of using cannabis as a female libido enhancer to the modern woman.

Many women claim that a few sprays heighten their sexual pleasure. Some even tell of 15-minute orgasms. Talk about a Merry Christmas. If that isn’t reason enough to share this treat with someone special, then you might want to check your pulse.

20. Defoncé Chocolates

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Holidays are all about making life sweeter. So give the gift of sweet pleasure with the finest chocolates in the world of cannabis. Defoncé’s Chocolatiers spent years in traditional chocolate manufacturing until they turned to cannabis-infused products.

All that talent and dedication to excellence can be found in their premium lines of great tasting chocolates. Their savory selection includes White Chocolate & Vanilla, Matcha (green tea & cannabis flavors),  Coffee, Mint Chocolate, Dark or Milk Chocolate, and more.

21. Stash Logix

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Now when it comes to cannabis, having it all means nothing if you don’t have a secure, discreet place to store it securely. For the ultimate storage case for all your personal cannabis gear, only one option lets you carry with confidence. Stash Logix prides themselves on having crafted the best portable storage container for cannabis in the world.

With features like a combination lock, padded dividers to keep contents safe, and odor reduction technology so the out of sight stays off the radar, Stash Logix has saved the day. For the stoner who has everything, give them the perfect place to store it, at home or on the go.

22. Vetements Necklace Grinder


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For that friend who loves the bling, then you can’t go wrong with this eye-catching accessory. Vetements, makers of fine French fashions, offer this fully functional grinder on a chain for those who love having one handy at all times.

A luxury piece, this statement says “It’s always a good time to grind some up, always be prepared.” And who could argue with that?

23. Dixie Elixirs

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This holiday season, forget about eggnog. Instead, enjoy a collection of delicious flavored beverages with something special, THC. Dixie Elixirs offers exciting flavors like Peach Iced Tea, Old-Fashioned Sarsaparilla, Sparkling Pomegranate, and more.

You can find them in California or Colorado, and with one of these in their stocking, you can be sure your loved ones will be more than merry for Christmas. Dixie Elixirs also has delicious lines of chocolates, mints, and more for every infused experience you could ask for, as well as CBD-only lines for all 50 states.

24. Potbox cannabis subscription

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As we prepare to gather around and light up trees with our family, one way or another, all the bongs and vapes in the world are mere paperweights without some good herb. If your toking friends live in San Francisco or Los Angeles and would jump for joy at delivery service premium herb, then a Potbox subscription is the gift to get.

Every month, they will receive a curated box with two different strains tailored to their needs. And, if they need more early, Potbox even offer same day delivery in some cases! All their cannabis comes from farms dedicated to eco-friendly practices, so the peace of mind they bring is even better.

25. Smokies Toke Couture accessories

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Sometimes you just need that little touch of class to light up the day, and no one knows that like Pilar Johnson, owner of Smokies Toke Couture. She grew tired of cannabis accessories being limited to cheap junk and decided to start her own line of trendy and beautiful cannabis jewelry.

Now you can give something to him with a handsome money clip, or her with an elegant pair of earrings. Smokies Toke Couture even has beautiful gold cannabis leaf ornaments for extra holiday cheer.

26. Dope Jars

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For the herb too good for a plastic baggie, beyond the realm of cookie cutter containers, you need something special. A present that gets used often is the best kind to get, and with Dope Jars unique and amazing selection of designer printed or etched glass jars, you can be certain your gift will be well used.

Get a small batch of jars for a company gift, or just a container to make buds look regal. The only downside of this gift is that Dope Jars’ creations are so pretty, it is a shame to wrap them up.

27. The Nuggy

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For that crafty adventurer, or that friend who always needs a tool, the Swiss Army knife of cannabis tools is here. The Nuggy has everything an on-the-go stoner needs. At only the size of a pack of gum, and just half a pound, The Nuggy might feel dainty, but it is built heavy duty.

Between the annealed stainless steel tools and the ultrasonic-welded plastic case, this tool can take a punishment. Sporting 10 tools for everyday tasks of smokers and vapers alike, including a poker, bowl scraper, and even a LED flashlight, this is a must-have accessory for the versatile cannabis enthusiast.

28. Dope Jewelry

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If you have someone in your life who’s herb love is loud and proud, they might shout for joy when they see you bought them a custom necklace with an actual hardened flower. Dope Jewelry uses an eco-friendly process that renders the beautiful little buds strong and waterproof with a trace of fragrance. Lavender, hops, hemp, or your buddy’s favorite flower.

Dope Jewelry also offers a collection of detailed cannabis jewelry to suit any taste. Bracelets, rings, necklaces, and a pinch of New Orleans voodoo for fun.

29. hmbdlt vape pen

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Straight from the growers who have kept cannabis alive and well through 40 years of Prohibition, Humboldt County continues to bring excellence to the table. Built on the traditions of great medicine and quality innovation that the area is known for, hmbldt has created the most accurate dosing system vape pen on the market.

The hmbldt Dosing Pen guarantees consistent dosage through three key features: optimized temperature control, controlled airflow, and time control. The result is a consistent, reliable and targeted experience with each and every formula. The hmbldt product lines include formulas for pain relief, sleep, calm, and bliss.

30. Hemper box

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There are a lot of box services out there, but few that really stand out. One of the best, Hemper offers exclusive options like small packages – the Bare Essentials pack for everyday smoking needs. But they don’t stop there.

Hemper even lets customers go into their micro-store and buy individual items from previous boxes. Plus, they have some fantastic accessories of their own. And the best part about giving the gift of Hemper this holiday season is that the smiles keep coming, month after month. Think of it like a gift basket of cannabis smoking goodies with just one stop.

31. Leafs by Snoop

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There are a lot of brands in cannabis today, but one of the coolest is Leafs by Snoop. Snoop’s celebrity power and long affinity for cannabis have made him the Doggfather of Dank the world over. Now you can give the gift of some of the best cannabis products out there with some bonus celebrity appeal.

Leafs by Snoop has dried herb, chocolate bars, wax, shatter, drops, fruit chews, and gummies, so there is something for any taste. You can grab Leafs by Snoop products at any one of scores of dispensaries in Colorado, or in Canada.

32. Tweed

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One of Canada’s premium cannabis labels, Tweed is changing the face of cannabis. Between unique micropropagation techniques and state -of-the-art facilities, Tweed has invested in the future of cannabis cultivation.

The investment has paid off with their first-of-its-kind 10:1 ration cannabis oil and premium cannabis strains like Ocean View, Boaty McBoatface, and custom Tweed cross-breeds designed for specific cannabis experiences. When you want to give high-quality medicine at its finest, Tweed has you covered.

33. My 420 Tours

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Want to give your special someone an experience to remember? The give them the ultimate getaway with a cannabis tour from My 420 Tours. They will be able to immerse themselves in luxury with their cannabis concierge service, deluxe transportation, wonderful tours of dispensaries, grow warehouses, and more.

Let them experience all the wonders of cannabis with free sampling, gifts, fascinating classes on concentrates, sommelier education, cooking with cannabis classes, and even the ultimate Budz & Sudz cannabis and craft beer pairings tasting package. Or let them test their rolling skills with Sushi, Sake, and Joint Rolling Class.

Nov 30, 2016