Highly Devoted Is The Cannabis Dating & Life Coach We All Need

Highly Devoted Coaching offers cannabis users the right tools to get everything they want out of life and love

Sep 20, 2016

Have you been looking for someone to help clarify the best ways to enter the cannabis industry? What about someone to help you explain your cannabis use to a potential partner? Molly Peckler has started the first cannabis-friendly dating and life coaching service to help those of us who feel like our love of herb might be leading to judgment or ridicule from the rest of the world. Highly Devoted Coaching offers cannabis users the right tools to get everything they want out of life and love, without having to change who they are to get it.

Highly Devoted cannabis coaching 101

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Cannabis users often find themselves at a disadvantage when dealing with the rest of the world. It can be hard to explain to friends, family or love interests that using cannabis doesn’t define who you are or lessen your productivity as a contributing member of society.

Molly Peckler was tired of watching the judgment these people face every day, simply for using a natural, safe substance. She created Highly Devoted Coaching to help steer clients down successful paths in life and dating, while still keeping who they are intact.

Opened in 2015, Highly Devoted Coaching is the world’s first dating and life coaching service geared specifically towards cannabis consumers. With a degree in psychology, Peckler has worked for years to hone her craft and believes she has the perfect background to provide her with the necessary skills to help all cannabis enthusiasts succeed.

I’ve always been curious about why people do the things they do and make the choices they do. I spent several years working as a professional matchmaker and that was really my first experience coaching people.

I helped people find love, but I really took it a step further by helping people feel confident and challenge them in terms of what they thought they were looking for and what they truly needed in a relationship. I don’t let my clients settle.

Getting the right advice

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High Devoted Coaching uses a proven method to help clients achieve their life goals. Whether it’s finding the perfect companion or the perfect career, Peckler can help anyone, anywhere, anytime.

By teaching customers to make plans, set goals and never stop striving for the best, Highly Devoted Coaching has become a serious game changer in the world of many cannabis lovers. Her clients defy the typical stoner stereotypes and actively work to improve their lives and the lives of people around them in the most efficient ways possible.

Cannabis really broadens your perspective of things. I think cannabis consumers just have a slightly different set of values in terms of really focusing on things and being in the moment, valuing and enjoying experiences and relationships over material things. That’s something, I think, is really deep in terms of compatibility.

Clients from all over the country reach out to Peckler to get her expert advice on how to succeed in personal and business relationships. By meeting clients face-to-face over Skype, Peckler is able to help each person come up with an individualized plan of action to help reach their specific goals.

Whether it be finding a new partner, advancing a career or maybe just learning how to come out as a cannabis user to family and friends, Peckler has the perfect plan to help you.

If you think Highly Devoted Coaching could help you, visit their website www.HighlyDevotedCoaching.com. You’ll be able to register for a free consultation and gain the knowledge you need in a safe and understanding environment, with zero judgment or ridicule.

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Sep 20, 2016