Himalayan Sea Salt Pipes: More Benefits Than Just Getting High

Take a break from the standard glass or acrylic pipe and try one of these Himalayan Sea Salt pipes for a unique high and added health benefits.

Aug 26, 2016

With so many different methods available for smoking flowers, why stick to the same old glass or metal pipe day after day? If you stop to take the time to look around, you’ll quickly realize there are a wide variety of cannabis accessories, made from some unique substances, available today. Each medium offers different benefits to the smoker, with some even promising to contain healing powers. Himalayan Sea Salt Pipes are taking the market by storm and these affordable pieces offer so much more than a standard pipe.


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Many of us turn to alternative medicine in an attempt to escape the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs. This decision might even be what led you to discover cannabis as a holistic approach to many, many ailments.

Another form of alternative medication that many people are practicing is the use of minerals and naturally occurring energy to promote health and well-being.

Himalayan sea salt is thought to be one of the most powerful minerals available on earth. This substance contains the exact same 84 minerals found within the human body. The salt can act as a balancing agent, delivering whatever it is we are lacking, keeping bodies harmonized and working properly.

This magical salt is also said to aid in sleeplessness, weight loss, increased circulation to relax muscles, detoxing the body and regulating blood sugar and hormone levels. Paired with cannabis, these two natural medications can help to heal the body without the use of harsh chemicals from manufactured compounds.

Himalayan sea salt pipes

3 himalayan sea salt pipe pic Win $500 Worth Of Gear In This Epic BuddaBox Competition
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These unique, handcrafted works of art are the perfect tools for cannabis enthusiasts who are looking to enhance their natural medication even further. Each piece is made-to-order, to ensure individuality throughout the entire line. No pieces are mass produced, meaning whatever you get will be unique to you.

The entrancing colors range from pale to bright salmon. Himalayan sea salt is naturally different shades of pink, so the exact color depends on where the piece being carved was taken from. Just like the pipe itself, no two colors are ever exactly the same.

Attributes from the local water supply, environmental factors, and human interaction all play a role in creating the distinguishable coloring.

In addition to the health benefits provided by these exquisite pieces, they can be extremely affordable. Anyone can have access to the amazing healing properties provide by Himalayan sea salt and cannabis. These guys offer some really good, affordable pipes.

There’s no reason to keep using mass-produced glass pieces or heat-absorbing metal bowls, which often leave burn marks on fingertips. Himalayan sea salt pipes enhance the medical properties of cannabis and work perfectly together as a holistic approach to modern medicine.

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Aug 26, 2016