Strain Of The Day: Jack Herer

Have you tried this legendary sativa hybrid? There’s a reason Jack Herer is one of the most popular strains around.

Oct 6, 2016

On a quest for a reliable, quality sativa? There’s a reason Jack Herer is one of the most popular strains around. This lively sativa-dominant hybrid has inherited all of the best sativa qualities with a light and mellow body experience to boot. Though the effects of Jack Herer are mostly cerebral, it doesn’t tend to get as racy as other energizing strains. 

Strain details

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Jack Herer is a loveable combination of Haze, Shiva Skunk, and Northern Lights #5. Bred by Sensi Seeds, this strain was named after the late activist and author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes.

This mellow, uplifting sativa hybrid couldn’t be a better fit. While it’s got plenty of indica in the mix, this strain is a sativa overall.

Though the THC content can get quite high (18 to 23%), the overall effect of this strain isn’t crippling. An extremely well-bred flower, Jack Herer’s genetics provide a great combination of light body high and spirited sativa.

If newer consumers can find a bud that is on the lower THC side, this hybrid is a great demonstration of a top-shelf strain can be. Though, be wary of going overboard. Wouldn’t want to get too speedy. Unless you’re into that sort of thing.

The aroma of this strain is a lot like forest earth with some possible hints of lemon citrus. It has some sweet undertones, which give it a bit of an herbal quality as well.

The Jack Herer experience

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Above all else, Jack Herer is an energizing, daytime sativa. Technically, this strain contains only about 55% sativa lineage, but the stimulating effects and mental clarity make this a true sativa in experience.

You’ll start to feel this herb shortly after your first taste. Jack Herer has a reputation for bringing on a fast-acting, head-focused high. If you have anything you need to get done quickly, this strain will give you the energy, focus, and wherewithal to get it done.

The indica effects of this strain provide quality resin production. Meaning, Jack Herer is definitely a psychoactive flower. Yet, the Shiva Skunk and Northern Lights heritage also provide a very mild body high.

This will help you limber up and also cuts down on some of the raciness you’d typically find in a sativa. You’ll be able to focus without being distracted by too much mental energy.

All in all, Herer provides an easygoing mellow high with plenty of creativity and cognitive ability. In a way, it enhances whatever it is that you’re doing.

If you’re watching a movie, you might find yourself a little more thoughtful and engaged than usual. If you’re hard at work, you’ll likely notice that you can concentrate with relative ease.

Why do people use Jack Herer?

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Recreationally, Jack Herer is a perfect strain for either working through weekend projects. Have you been procrastinating on getting through your chores? This flower can help.

It’s also nice and upbeat for social occasions, especially ones in which you get to talk and engage with others.

Many medical users love Jack Herer for a variety of different reasons. The focus and concentration this strain provides is what makes it popular among those with ADD/ADHD.

It also provides great morning medication for those with neuropathic pain and conditions like fibromyalgia. Though, you’ll want somethings stronger for pain that is extremely severe.

Migraines, headache,s and fatigue are three other conditions that seem to benefit from this uplifting sativa.

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Oct 6, 2016