Larry David Is Back And He Hasn’t Changed. At All.

With the ninth season of “Curb” just about to premiere, HBO was kind enough to tease fans with a new trailer, and it is pretty, pretty, pretty good.

Sep 11, 2017

The latest trailer for the ninth season of HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm has been released, and as you’ll see, Larry David hasn’t changed a bit.

Don’t be offended

In the trailer, you’ll see Larry David – the “social assassin” – do what he does best: offend people. That includes him shushing a crying woman at a funeral, knocking over a woman in a department store, and even chasing away two people who are kissing in front of his office, saying “[Y]ou’re allowed to be happy, but not in front of me,” in typical Larry fashion.

Then, there is the situation that only Larry could get into, which is ‘you-hooing’ a judge. Of course, the judge isn’t impressed, but Larry just asks the question that only Larry could ask: “You can’t yoo-hoo a judge?”

Returning for the ninth season is Richard Lewis, playing himself, who is quick to tell Larry what he thinks of him. “You’re devoid of anything that’s remotely caring or empathetic,” to which David naturally responds, “That’s a great compliment.”

There looks to be some notable guest stars, too, which includes Bryan Cranston. But unlike so many actors and comedians, Cranston isn’t playing himself, but Larry’s therapist. “I enjoy the mind of Larry David,” says Cranston’s character, something that many fans would probably agree with.

The new season of Curb begins on October 1st, and brings back the original cast, including David, Jeff Garlin, Cheryl Hines, JB Smoove and Susie Essman. Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen, the real-life couple who are regulars on the show, are also set to appear in the series.

Along with Cranston, the list of guest stars includes Jimmy Kimmel, Elizabeth Banks, and Lauren Graham.

Sep 11, 2017