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Herb’s 420 Guide 2024: Connecting Souls Through Cannabis

The ultimate guide to an extraordinary 420.

Happy 420 from Herb.

This time around, we’re celebrating more than just a date on the calendar. We’re exploring the heart of cannabis culture and its power to build profound connections…beyond the smoke.

As the herb continues gaining global acceptance, we see a greater mission at stake. Cannabis isn’t just about indulging in a fun recreational buzz. It’s about community, connection, and shared experiences that bring us closer to each other, the earth, and ourselves.

From icons like Rohan and YG Marley to forward-thinkers like Jim Belushi and streetwear brand TRUE, this year’s guide is dedicated to those who are shaping the cannabis community.

The new era of weed has arrived, and it’s urging you to rethink why you use this plant in the first place. We’ve curated a selection of the finest products to help you explore your relationship with this plant in the best and safest way possible.

So, here’s to you—the innovators, wellness enthusiasts, spiritual aficionados, and those who see cannabis as a means to inspire, heal, and unite. Explore Herb’s 420 Guide and reacquaint yourself with the true essence of cannabis culture.

Let it guide you to meaningful connections this 420 and beyond.

TRUE: Embrace Your Unique Style

Nowadays, fashion is not just fashion. Fashion and what it represents go far beyond what we put on our bodies as clothing. Rather, the story behind the brand, its values, and fundamental pillars. And if there’s a brand that knows how to connect cannabis with unique style, it’s TRUE.

TRUE, born in Medellín, Colombia, is the result of vision and creative spontaneity from its creator, who has always challenged the status quo of fashion in general. Daniela – its founder – did that by customizing her own creations since she couldn’t find clothing that spoke her style.

Today, every stitch, every TRUE design does more than make a brand; it makes a community. A global community of creatives where ideas resonate with the music, are empowered among friends and find their ultimate expression in the freedom to dress.

The best part? This 420, Herb and TRUE finally joined their forces. But it’s more than just a union of brands; it’s the materialization of a deeper bond.

This collection represents the connection and unity that cannabis can inspire. Under the slogan “Connected Souls,” this line was made as a way to connect to something beyond the superficial, to connect yourself to the cannabis community, our values, and our internal connections with ourselves.

This collaboration not only celebrates fashion and culture but also highlights the power of cannabis to unite people across the world. This plant, though illegal in more places than not, creates authentic connections between souls. Now, it’s time to show that appreciation through your unique style.

Shop the collection here.

Celebrating Strains That Elevate

Photo by VIIA

At the core of our guide is the flower—nature’s masterpiece, offering an array of aromas, flavors, and effects that cater to every preference. Here’s where you’ll find premium strains, pre-rolls, and concentrates for a classic 420 session.

THCA Moonrocks By Bloomz

View Product

Discover Bloomz pinnacle of potency: premium THCA Moonrocks with high-percentage indoor-grown THCA flower and CBD hemp flower kief. Get 30% OFF your order with code BLOOMZ420.

Get ready for Bloomz’s Boutique THCA Moonrocks, boosted with Exotic THCA flower covered in CBD Kief, featuring 30%+ THCA, coming soon!

Delta 8 Resellers: Premier Legal Flower

Embrace the classics and discover new contenders with one of the broadest flower and pre-roll selections on the market. Use code HERB420 at checkout for 25% OFF sitewide! *Terms apply.

THCa Flower By Arete

Arete cultivates masterpieces. Their vast lineup of THCa flowers brings you impressive potencies and maximum flavor, with each strain offering its own unique journey to enrich this 420 and beyond.

Puro Cannagars Zaza THCA Joints

View Product

Puff on potency with Puro Cannagars‘ Zaza THCA Joints, featuring two 1.25-gram pre-rolls in 8 strains. Use code PURO420 for 30% off orders over $50 this April.

Embrace Zen With MODUS Snow Balls

MODUS is redefining 420 with their latest creation: Snow Balls, an explosive blend of THC-A flower, THC-P, and THC-A Liquid Diamonds. For a limited time, buy 2 and get the third FREE!

WNC CBD's High THCa Dog Walker Pre-Rolls

View Product

Available in various strains, each Dog Walker pre-roll contains 0.3g of top-shelf High THCa flower, great for a solo session or a short break. Get 30% OFF with code WNC420 at checkout. A portion of each sale will be donated to the Last Prisoner Project.

Looper's THCA Live Rosin Pre-Rolls: Slurricane

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Unwind with THCA Live Rosin Pre-Rolls: Slurricane. Two 1g joints with high-grade THCA flower, infused with THCA, coated in THCA live rosin, and dusted with THCA diamonds. Shop Looper’s sitewide sale from 04/05 to 04/22!

Premium Indoor THCA Flower By VIIA Hemp

View Product

Fancy a tangerine dream, anyone? Treat yourself to VIIA Hemp‘s Premium Indoor Flower, available in the standout strain Tangerine Dream featuring 25.15% THCA. Use code HERB for select price drops on THCA flower.

25 Hour Farms' Casino Cookies Hemp Flower

View Product

Bet on a winner with Casino Cookies. Enjoy this Sativa-dominant, hand-trimmed flower for a refreshing 420 lift.

Use code 10OFF420 for 10% off your first order!

Strain Stars Sour Diesel 7pk 3.5g - Ruby Farms

View Product

Energize your day with Strain Stars exclusive Sour Diesel Pre-Rolls in the legendary upbeat vibe of New York’s favorite strain. Get 7 doobies loaded with 27.3% THC.

THCa Flower Sampler By Best Buds Premium Cannabis

View Product

Treat yourself to a sensory experience with Best Buds‘ high-potency THCa Flower Sampler with 4 distinct strains. Enjoy a mix of Indica and Sativa in compostable packaging. Now 20% OFF!

Moonwlkr's THCA Pre-Rolls

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Pick yourself up with Moonwlkr’s premium THCA Pre-rolls, bringing you a 3-pack of 1g joints in OG Kush, Cereal Milk, and Wedding Cake. Now available: 20% OFF your entire order! No code is needed.

Rohan & YG Marley: A Legacy Of Alignment

Cannabis isn’t just about recreational fun. It’s a means of connection – with ourselves, with each other, and with the earth.

Rohan Marley, in a heartfelt conversation with Herb, unveiled the essence of the Marley legacy, the spiritual and healing journey of cannabis, and the musical vibrations carried through his son, YG (Young Gong) Marley.

The Marley Legacy

At the heart of the Marley family is the legacy of Rastafari – a profound connection to the goodness of life that’s guided by spiritual teachings and a deep commitment to inner harmony. Rohan shares, “Our legacy…is about aligning oneself with the teachings of Rastafari.” It advocates for peace, love, and a deeper understanding of the self.

Cannabis: The Spiritual Liberator

For the Marleys, the herb is a tool for liberation from the mechanical grind of society…a bridge to spiritual awakening.

Rohan says it facilitates an inward journey, allowing for pause, a moment to connect with the higher self, and away from the noise.

“Cannabis plays a role in regards to freedom of self, freedom of thought,” he reflects.

Bob Marley: One Love

Bringing that legacy to the big screen was the recent One Love biopic, carefully created by Bob’s children. Each brought their own individual interpretations to recreate the vast tapestry of their father’s influence.

“It reminded me of some of the greatest moments I ever had in my life. Being around my father, the scent of our father, the sound of our father, the music that’s playing in the yard…that’s what gave me goosebumps,” Rohan explains.

YG Marley: The Legacy Carries Forward

Recently stepping into the spotlight with his music (and appearances on his mother’s tour) is YG Marley. With soul and talent nurtured by legends like grandfather Bob Marley and mother Lauryn Hill, YG’s music becomes a bridge across generations, resonating with young and old alike.

“Praise Jah In The Moonlight” speaks to the perpetual state of crisis worldwide, sampling Bob Marley’s “Crisis” while reminding us to give thanks and praises, no matter what. YG’s artistry is rich in musical DNA from generation to generation. And like his grandfather, his message will stand the test of time.

“Praise Jah In The Moonlight” recently surpassed 1 Billion streams worldwide.

Lion Order

Embodying the spiritual nature of cannabis and the resiliency of the Rastafari people is Rohan’s Lion Order movement.

“Rastafari people are the kings of cannabis,” he states, highlighting the herb’s sacramental essence and the fact that Rastafarians were the first people to be persecuted for it. Today, seeing how cannabis is gaining acceptance across the global stage is a celebration of the Kings, the first movers, and the Lions who honored this plant as a sacrament and understood its wisdom.

Today, Rohan and YG Marley emerge as guardians of a deeper legacy, where cannabis, music, and spiritual wisdom intertwine to tell a story of unity. Because if anyone understands the power of cannabis for connection, not just with ourselves but with each other, it’s a Marley.

Clouds Of Connection: Unique Vapes, Shared Moments

Photo by Evan Angelastro

Puff on bliss this 420 with vapes that combine convenience and innovation. Whether it’s a solo reflection session or a shared puff with friends, explore our top picks for vapes that promise purity, flavor, and zen.

PAX Vaporizers

View Product

PAX redefines vaping with every launch. Their innovative lineup constantly changes, ensuring unparalleled experiences from flowers to concentrates. Get into the season’s festivities with 20% OFF sitewide from April 14-20!

DynaVap M 7

View Product

DynaVap‘s latest battery-free vaporizer is built to last a lifetime. Each smoke-free session brings out the best of your herb with maximum flavor and potency.

THCa Liquid Diamond Live Resin By Woodstock Hemp Company

View Product

Unmatched flavor meets maximum purity with Woodstock Hemp Company‘s THCa Liquid Diamond Live Resin Vapes. Herb readers get a staggering 42% OFF with code HERB420 at checkout!

Exodus Golden Pineapple CB9A + THC-A Disposable 8 Grams

View Product

An 8-gram disposable vape? Yes, please!

Savor the exotic Golden Pineapple blend in Exodus’ latest vape, featuring smart tech and potent cannabinoids. Enjoy 42% OFF sitewide April 1-20!

XQ2 By Arizer

View Product

The ultimate desktop vaporizer.

An all-in-one convection heater featuring an Aromatherapy system, Collection Bag/Balloon, and On-Demand Direct Draw + Assisted Draw Whip system. Get 15% OFF through April.

2G THCa Diamonds + Live Resin Tiger Blood Vape By Wild Orchard

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Unleash your inner roar with the exotic flavors of coconut, strawberry, and watermelon, paired with the pure potency of THCA diamonds and live resin. Use code herb20 for 20% OFF.

Baked THC Blend 3G Disposable By Cereal Labs

View Product

Cereal Labs‘ award-winning 3g disposable combines Delta-8 and THC for maximum relaxation and creativity. With juicy flavors, strains, and live resin, you won’t be able to resist. New buyers get 12% OFF!

4G THCA Live Rosin Vape By Top Shelf Hemp Co.

This standout disposable vape combines leak-proof design with pure potency across 3 epic strains. Get 30% OFF your entire order with discount code HERB at checkout!


Communal Consumption: Essentials For Sacred Rituals

Photo by GRAV

Elevate your cannabis experience with accessories that blend form, function, and friendship. From innovative laser bongs for group sessions to dainty personalized pieces, there’s something for everyone here. Explore accessories that scream YOU.

The Empress Bong By GRAV

View Product

Introducing The Empress Bong, GRAV‘s most beautiful piece to date. In creating this stunning piece, GRAV has blended functionality with timeless Art Deco elegance at 12.75″ tall. From April 8th – 22nd, enjoy 25% OFF plus free shipping!

The Bong By Weeday

View Product

Weeday redefines your smoking experience with The Bong’s modular, dishwasher-safe design. Choose from 8 colors, browse bundle deals, and get a special gift with code Herb420.

LA Pipes "Agent Stout" From DANKGEEK

View Product

Experience the strength and smoothness of the “Agent Stout” bong, featuring 9mm thick glass and an ice-pinch for cool hits.

Get 20% off your order until April 21.

Hitoki Saber Pro Kit

View Product

Ditch the lighters this 420.

Get this portable laser bong and everything else you need for a perfect session. Free US shipping is available for orders over $99!

Hemper's Ash Catcher Plus Filter System

View Product

Upgrade your bong with this innovative filter system, capturing ash and filtering smoke to keep your glass cleaner for longer. Easy to clean with a replaceable carbon filter for over 200 uses.

April El Primo Box: Combo #420 By Daily High Club

View Product

Unpack the ultimate 420 combo with Daily High Club‘s April Box, featuring an exclusive taco bong, Stoner Slot Silipipe, themed lighter, and more. Perfect for group sessions this 420 and beyond!

LĒVO II By LĒVO Oil Infusion

View Product

Why sweat over homemade edibles when the LĒVO II can do it for you?

Create oils, butter, and much more without the hassle. Now with 15% OFF accessories, consumables, and kitchen sink kits!

MJ Arsenal's Season 1 Maker's Pass Collection

Made for stoners, by stoners. Shop the very first season of the Maker’s Pass Collection, a series of glass designed by passionate consumers like you and me.

Check the website for the 420 discount code!

Softglass Collection: Shop Glass & Silicone

Make this 420 pop with premium glass and silicone from Softglass, spanning rigs, bongs, and more.

420 discount code is now available on the website!

Your Favorite Innovations From Grenco Science

The future of dry herb vaping has arrived, and it’s the G Pen Dash+, the latest innovation from Grenco Science.

This device undoubtedly has what it takes to become your new go-to.

  • Hybrid Heating: Enjoy the best of both worlds with convection and conduction heating in a full Titanium chamber. Housed in durable zinc-alloy casing with a powerful 1800mAh battery and USB-C charging.
  • Maximum Control: Tailor your sessions with precise temperature control and a full-color LED display. The magnetic mouthpiece features a spiral vapor cooler for superior flavor.

The G Pen Dash+ can be yours for this 420 at a great price. For a limited time, get it for just $99.95, down from $149.95. Plus, enjoy up to 40% off sitewide at

Innovation never stops at G Pen. Hear from the brand about how the Dash+ sets a new standard in dry herb vaping, their goal with this device, and how it seamlessly fits into your everyday lifestyle.

View Product

What’s the most exciting feature of the G Pen Dash+ that you think consumers will appreciate most?

Hybrid heating technology: Conduction and convection heating.

How does the G Pen Dash+ set a new standard in dry herb vaping? What makes it different from the average vaporizer?

  • Hybrid heating technology: Conduction and convection heating
  • Easy to use precision control interface on full-color screen
  • The mouthpiece features a spiral vapor-cooling path

What was your goal in terms of designing the G Pen Dash+? Can you expand on the design philosophy that guided its aesthetics and functionality?

We aimed to create the smallest yet most powerful dry herb vaporizer on the market.

Why is the G Pen Dash+ a must for the modern cannabis user? How can this device seamlessly integrate into that lifestyle?

It is small enough to take on the go but has high-end performance.

What future innovations can consumers expect from G Pen? Are there any new features or products in the pipeline?

G Pen is always at the forefront of creating innovative new technology in the cannabis space.

Treat Yourself (And Your Squad) To A Stündenglass Gravity Bong

Transform your sessions with the Stündenglass Gravity Bong, a marvel of modern engineering. This 360° rotating glass infuser uses cascading water, opposing airflow technology, and gravity to produce smooth, cloudy draws.

  • Versatile: Compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates, your gravity bong includes an aluminum bowl kit and glass liner. It also connects to any device with a 14mm male joint.
  • Contactless Delivery: Inhale through a 45° adjustable mouthpiece for a hygienic, contact-free, percolated water-filtered session.

Now’s your chance to get this renowned device at a truly ‘appropriate’ price. In honor of the big day, get the Stündenglass Gravity Bong for just $420 (originally $599.95). And don’t miss 40% off accessories at Stü!

Stündenglass: the makers of the finest gravity bongs on the planet. We invite you to connect deeper with the brand this 420 in our exclusive interview below.

View Product

Why did your brand feel that modern consumers needed access to high-quality gravity bongs instead of making them from scratch?

When making them at home, you’re usually using low-quality materials like plastic, which produces thick and stale smoke hits. We wanted to create something that takes the same idea but uses high-end materials, filters the smoke through water, and can be seen as a piece of art on a coffee table.

The Stündenglass Gravity Bong is a true statement piece. How do you see it influencing cannabis culture and consumption habits?

It’s taking over social media by storm mainly because of its visual appeal and ‘wow’ factor. It has become a staple in cannabis lounges and group settings and is a great conversation piece. But also as a daily driver for real cannabis enthusiasts.

The contactless smoke delivery system is a standout feature. Could you explain the thought process behind this design choice and its benefits?

Realistically, all gravity bongs use water displacement to push smoke out. We really just used this same logic when designing the Stundenglass to have the same effect. We happened to relaunch the brand right at the beginning of COVID-19, so we really leaned into this feature of the product.

Could you expand on Stündenglass’ collaborations and the sort of criteria you have for brands and celebrities? What do they need in order to partner with you?

We look for very natural collaborations with brands/celebrities who are already using our products, are passionate about cannabis, and have dedicated fan bases.

The Stündenglass Gravity Bong offers an immersive experience like no other. How do you envision users incorporating this piece into their rituals and lifestyles?

It has become the quintessential social statement piece, perfect for community gatherings. 

Roll Pure With Zig-Zag Organic Hemp Rolling Papers

Photo courtesy of Zig Zag World / Instagram

Zig-Zag: A brand that’s not just survived but thrived in the cannabis culture for over a century. For such a reliable brand, we suggest opting for the classics, the Organic Hemp Rolling Papers. They’re as close to nature as you can get.

Pure And Natural

Made from 100% renewable, non-GMO hemp fibers and sourced from organic farms. Experience the natural essence of hemp with unbleached papers for clean, toxin-free sessions.

The Perfect Burn

Ultra-thin papers guarantee an even burn. Continuing Zig-Zag’s tradition of excellence, these organic hemp papers reflect over a century of innovation.

Whether you’re fascinated by Zig-Zag’s storied past or simply seeking premium, eco-friendly papers, you can’t go wrong with Zig-Zag’s Organic Hemp Rolling Papers…AKA, the classics. When you choose Zig-Zag, you’re choosing culture.

Puff On Quality With RAW Classic Papers

Photo courtesy of Raw 247 /
Official Weed Queen / Instagram

If we’re talking rolling paper legends, here’s another brand that stands out.

RAW is committed to two things: purity and authenticity. And you’ve probably experienced that over the years. After all, they’re one of the only brands synonymous with perfect sessions.

And here’s the easy recipe for that: some great weed, RAW Classic Papers, and a little joint-rolling expertise.

Historical Roots

RAW Classic 1¼ papers, also known as “Spanish Size,” pay homage to the standard size of rolling papers RAW believes were used hundreds of years ago. Each draw celebrates the first joints ever smoked by mankind.


Whether you prefer 1¼, 1½, Single Wide, or King Size, RAW has something unbleached and untreated for you. Their selection is wildly impressive, helping every consumer find the perfect fit for their unique sessions.

RAW’s dedication to preserving the authenticity and integrity of the smoking experience is refreshing. Their Classic Papers are a testament to their philosophy: unrefined and unadulterated, just as nature intended.

Consider RAW for an experience that’s as real as it gets.

The Top Cannabis Social Media Influencers 2024

Photo courtesy of Vic Styles / Instagram

We’re spotlighting the trendsetters—the movers and shakers putting a new face to weed.

Here are 10 of our favorite cannabis influencers spreading the word of the sacred herb.

@anjela_kp – 144K followers

From Ukraine to U.S. stardom, Anjela uses humor and honesty to break down stereotypes and advocate legalization + female leadership in the industry.

Vic Styles
@thevicstyles – 65.8K followers

Vic Styles intertwines lifestyle, fashion, and cannabis to emphasize the plant’s role in wellness and self-care, pushing for inclusivity and diversity within our community.

Steve DeAngelo
@steve.deangelo – 61K followers

Steve DeAngelo has been a force in cannabis activism for over 4 decades, co-founding Harborside and massively contributing to cannabis reform.

Jessica Cuebas
@pothead.princess – 134K followers

Jessica Cuebas, known as Pothead Princess, is a dab connoisseur with a flair for food and cannabis culture.

Hope Wiseman
@iamhopesodope – 34.5K followers

As the youngest Black woman to own a dispensary in the U.S., Hope Wiseman uses her platform to break barriers and inspire the next generation of canna entrepreneurs.

Lizzy Jeff
@lizzyjeff – 91.3K followers

Lizzy Jeff, LA’s “Medicine Woman,” rocks the weed world with her unique blend of music, spirituality, and activism.

Seth Rogen
@sethrogan – 10.9M followers

You know him, you love him—Seth Rogen’s brand Houseplant aims to make cannabis more accessible while educating people about its benefits.

@sheflieshigh – 63.8K followers

Jennie seamlessly blends fashion and cannabis culture. Her Twitter and YouTube offer in-depth looks at luxury products and detailed unboxings.

Liv Vasquez
@livviesmalls – 14K followers

Liv Vasquez, a chef turned cannabis educator, uses her culinary skills and platform to normalize cannabis and its therapeutic benefits, especially for older women.

Tommy Chong
@heytommychong – 2.5M followers

One of the godfathers of cannabis culture—Tommy Chong, part of the iconic Cheech & Chong duo, is a fierce advocate for cannabis reform and education.

Read our full article here.

The Sanctuaries: Dispensaries For Meaningful Encounters

They’re not just storefronts; they’re community hubs connecting you with the sacred plant we celebrate today. Here’s to the best dispensaries transforming the future of cannabis, making it a space of innovation, education, and inclusivity.

The Hemp Dispensary Fresh Infused Lemonade

Quench your thirst with 480mg Delta-9 THC per bottle, blended with cannabinoids and available in sizes up to 128 oz. Use code DRINK420 for $4.20 off your lemonade!

200mg Gummies By Nature's Remedy Cannabis (Ferndale's Hidden Gem)

View Product

Explore the exceptional taste and quality of Nature’s Remedy‘s 200mg Gummies, available in tropical, citrus, and berry flavors. Snag 5 for $35 while supplies last!

JAMS Sour Watermelon Lime Fast Acting Lozenge By Indigo Dispensary

View Product

Feel effects quickly with JAMS Fast-Acting Soft Lozenges, featuring 100mg Delta-9 THC per pack. Perfect for a sociable 420 or chilling at home, these jellies bring you a thrill pronto.

Fernway Cartridge Berry Haze - 0.5g By Puffin Dispensary

View Product

Puff on the sweet, earthy flavors of Berry Haze.

With a potent 83.67% THC content and rich in terpenes, it’s your go-to choice for a sensory 420 session.

Jim Belushi On Cannabis: "I Believe In The Power Of Healing Of This Plant"

The world is a tough place to live. Struggles, from ailing parents to diseases and tragedy, pull us away from our everyday lives. Actor and cannabis activist Jim Belushi says it’s these types of events that “collapse families.”

That’s why he started Belushi’s Farm, his cannabis haven and cultivation site in Oregon, on a mission to heal the world one plant at a time.

“This plant offers a pathway to soothing and healing of all these traumas. It’s safer than pharmaceuticals and alcohol consumption. I believe that if my brother John was a pothead, he’d be alive today. I believe in the power of healing of this plant,” explains Jim, who lost his brother John to a drug overdose in 1982.

Jim’s efforts are a beautiful reminder that there’s more to cannabis than recreational fun. It’s a means to heal from within, strengthen our mind-body connection, and help us live every day to the fullest.

His connection with cannabis is profound. When we asked Jim why he’s such a fierce advocate for marijuana, here’s what he had to say:

I come from a collapsed family. I come from that trauma. This plant has helped soothe my own PTSD. I hear stories and see stories every day of other families for whom this plant has helped put on a pathway to healing.

And this 420, we urge you to rethink your connection to cannabis. Why do you use this sacred plant? How does it help you heal from life’s trials and tribulations? More importantly, what are you doing to help others see this plant in a better light?

As Jim sees it, “It’s not the Devil’s Lettuce- it’s the Lord’s Kale!”

Read our full interview with Jim Belushi here.

Elevated Edibles: Savor The Connection


Indulge in sensory delight with our favorite edibles.

Whether you prefer fast-acting options or waiting for the big moment, these options bring you perfectly dosed confections in a variety of delicious flavors. Savor the connection of this 420, one bite at a time.

Super 7 Gummies By Binoid

View Product

Looking for maximum potency this 420?

Binoid‘s Super 7 Gummies are a powerhouse, blending THCA, THC-H, THC-B, Delta 9P, Delta 8, HHC, and THCV for an extraordinary mental and physical experience. Shop the sitewide sale with code BINOID420.

Delta Extrax's Adios MF Gummies

View Product

Delta Extrax shatters expectations with their groundbreaking Adios MF Gummies.

Boasting a wicked 12,000MG potency with unique and classic cannabinoids, these gummies are setting a new benchmark for edibles nationwide. Use code Herb30 for 30% OFF!

Fast Acting 1:1 THC:CBC Gummies By Nothing But Canna

Why wait to connect with typical cannabis edibles when fast-acting options exist?

Nothing But Canna now offers Fast Acting 1:1 THC:CBC Gummies available in 3 popular strains.

For a limited time, get them for 50% OFF!

Mitra9 Kratom Seltzers

View Product

Refresh your 420 with Mitra9’s zero-calorie Kratom Seltzers, blending delicious flavors with plant-based goodness. Enjoy gluten-free, guilt-free refreshments and save 25% with code Herb420.

Galactic Gummies By Galactic Cannabis

View Product

Prepare for liftoff to euphoria with Galactic Cannabis’s Galactic Gummies. Choose your intensity with 100mg and 200mg packs, not to mention 5 stellar flavors. Order now and treat yourself to a truly elevated 420.

Kratom Extract Gummies By Tusk Kratom

Savor the flavor and enrich your day with Tusk’s flavored kratom extract gummies, packed with 35MG of MIT per piece.

Use code TUSK420 for 20% OFF sitewide!

Upstate Elevator's 1mg THC Zesty Lime Ginger Ale

View Product

Refresh your 420 with a zesty twist on classic ginger ale, now with 1mg of hemp-derived THC. Perfect for a guilt-free, light buzz.

Sign up for emails to get 25% off for new customers.

five CBD's delta 9 thc gummies

View Product

Dive into delta 9 thc gummies by five CBD. A 20-count pack brings you delicious bliss, available at a discount + free shipping when you subscribe. Buy 2 or more for 15% off!

Vena Happy Place Seltzers | Skinny Mocktails THC Drink

View Product

Find your happy place with seltzers that lift the mood. Infused with THC for a comfortable buzz, subscribe for a sweet deal at $22.46 + free shipping.

Cann's THC-Infused Social Tonics

View Product

Say goodbye to your hangover-causing party drinks and hello to Cann, the game-changing THC-Infused Social Tonics ready to enrich your 420 with good vibes and delicious flavors.

  • Get 20% OFF orders $100+ and get a free 8oz 6-pack of your choice + free shipping
  • Get 25% OFF orders $150+ and get a free 8oz 6-pack of your choice + free shipping
  • Get 30% OFF orders $200+ and get a free 8oz 6-pack of your choice + free shipping

Harvest Kratom's 1 Kilo Variety Pack

View Product

Carefully sourced kratom from Indonesia. Each pack includes 4 250g bags of the strains of your choice.

Use code Herb10 for 10% OFF sitewide.

THC + THCV Uplift Gummies By Rare Cannabinoid Company

View Product

Boost your energy with THC + THCV Uplift Gummies, blending Delta-9-THC, THCV, and CBD for an uplifted, munchie-free experience.

Buy one, get one 50% off on these sweet lemon-flavored, vegan gummies.

Sunmed Beyond 1:1:1 CBD:CBN:THC Live Resin Indica Gummies

View Product

Calm your evenings with Sunmed‘s full-spectrum mixed berry gummies, a perfect blend of CBD, CBN, and THC with live resin. Get 30% off with code CBN30.

Authentic Original Kratom Shot By Vivazen

View Product

Experience the original feel-good relief with Vivazen‘s Authentic Original Kratom Shot, the #1 choice in the US.

Get 20% off with code HERB20 and start living your best life today.

My Magic Shrooms By Great CBD Shop

View Product

Embark on a cosmic journey this 420 with potent gummies, My Magic Shrooms.

Lucky for you, these legal psychedelics are Buy One Get One FREE!


Kraken Kratom's Zenith Nano 250 Liquid Kratom Shot

View Product

Seize the day with Kraken Kratom‘s Zenith Nano 250 Liquid Shot, delivering 83.33mg of premium kratom extract per serving.

Use code 420BABY for 20% OFF your order.

Elevate THC Gummies By cbdMD

View Product

Soak up the sunshine with cbdMD‘s Elevate Delta 9 THC gummies in a bright lemon flavor.

Use code HAPPY420 for 40% OFF sitewide, plus a free hat on orders $125+.

TRĒ House Magic Mushroom Gummies

View Product

Take the mushroom trip of a lifetime with these powerhouse chocolate bars, gummies, syrups, and vapes.

Now available for 25% OFF + FREE shipping with code MAGIC25.

Live Rosin Absolute Gummies By Hometown Hero

View Product

420 calls for a well-rounded buzz, so we’d suggest Hometown Hero’s Live Rosin Absolute Gummies.

Each piece is carefully crafted with live rosin concentrate and a potent dose of 25mg Delta-9 THC. Use code HERB for 20% OFF.

Indacloud's Danksicles

Beat the heat and elevate your chill this 420 with Indacloud‘s Danksicles, a one-of-a-kind edible that’s as cool as you are. Shop now and get 42% OFF sitewide! No code is needed.

Mimosa And Pornstar Martini By Minx Cannatails

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Happy 420 From Herb

This might be the end of our guide, but it’s not the end of our journey. 

With every 420 that passes, we remain committed to spreading the word about the herb and emphasizing its benefits for humankind. But we couldn’t do it without you.

This 420, we ask you to reflect. Why do you use this herb? Why are you grateful for it? How does it enrich your connection with others, yourself, and our planet?

Special thanks to TRUE for shaping our thematic direction for this year’s guide, and to Rohan Marley, YG Marley, Jim Belushi, and the many cannabis influencers who continue advocating for this special plant.

Through our combined efforts, we strive to help our community shine in a better light. And finally, that mission is becoming a reality.

With peace and love, 


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Herb Recommended Products:


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