Flying With Weed: The Complete Guide

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Flying With Weed: How To Get Cannabis Through Airport Security

I’m not a medical patient. This is how I recently flew with about five grams, five vape pen cartridges, and about 500 mg of THC in edibles in my checked bag without getting caught.

I was a little more nervous than usual on my way to the airport this morning. While I’m never zen on the way to fly, because of the weed, vape pen cartridges, live resin, and edibles I had distributed throughout my carry-on and checked bag, I was a little extra sweaty. But since I packed my bag expertly the night before by hiding my stash “in plain sight,” I was fairly confident flying with weed was going to be fine.

In fact, flying with weed is easier than you might think, at least domestically within the U.S. While we wouldn’t recommend following this advice on an international flight, these tips will keep your bag under the radar no matter where you go.

Is Flying With Weed Possible?

giphy Flying With Weed: How To Get Cannabis Through Airport Security

Yes, even though the TSA is a federal agency, flying with weed is possible. Run by the Department of Homeland Security, the TSA is not looking for your personal use amount of weed, edibles, or even concentrates. The TSA is looking for liquids, weapons, bombs, and anything else that could put a plane full of people in danger. While you shouldn’t smoke at the airport or on your flight, the TSA is too busy to track down every gram of weed people fly with.

If the TSA does flag your belongings and finds you’re flying with weed, the protocol is that they call the local police – not other feds, like the DEA. At your departure or arrival destination, the worst-case scenario is you have to explain why you’re flying with a few grams to a local cop.

Therefore, it’s important to know the law where you are and where you’re going. If you’re in a place where weed is legal, be sure to stay within local regulations. For example, in California, rec users can carry up to one ounce and are also allowed to fly with that amount out of San Francisco International Airport (SFO). If you have your medical recommendation, definitely bring it on your trip. Med users at SFO are permitted to fly with up to eight ounces of flower, so it really changes things.

However, knowing the local laws of your destination is just as important. Flying with weed within the same state is easiest, especially if it’s a state that has adult-use cannabis. But it’s also possible to fly with weed to places where it’s not legal, but it’s still important to know the local law in the slight chance the cops are called. For example, maybe your destination doesn’t have recreational cannabis but has decriminalized up to seven grams of possession; therefore, travel with a quarter of flower or less.

How To Fly With Weed:

giphy Flying With Weed: How To Get Cannabis Through Airport Security

The most important thing to remember when you’re packing is to comply with TSA regulations so you don’t attract attention to your luggage. For your carry-on, that means no liquids over three ounces, and keep all of your little liquids together in a clear plastic bag. Also, remember to separate your computer and over electronics to avoid getting your bag searched in general. The same goes with your checked bag. Keep all liquids together, sitting right on top in case they do check. Plus, don’t pack anything that will draw attention to your bag, like liquids over three ounces, knives and other weapons, lots of cash, or powders.

Most other guides recommend flying with weed in your carry-on. However, there are pros and cons to stashing your buds in either your checked bag or carry-on.  I’d say, if you’re a medical patient, it’s worth it to pack your weed in your carry-on with your medical recommendation on hand.

However, I’m not a medical patient and recently flew with about five grams, five vape pen cartridges, and about 500 mg of THC in edibles in my checked bag and was fine. The biggest advantage of flying with weed in your carry-on is the ability to explain yourself to TSA or local cops if they do search your things and find some weed. With checked bags, you won’t have that opportunity, and there’s a chance they will just throw your cannabis out if found.

There are definitely risks to both, and if you’re prone to nerves like me, flying with weed, in general, can definitely make you anxious. I decided to risk it recently and packed my stash in my checked bag according to these tips:

Getting Cannabis Through Airport Security:

giphy Flying With Weed: How To Get Cannabis Through Airport Security

The best way to travel with cannabis flower is to pack it in empty, opaque pill containers with a cotton ball on top. When I flew recently, I put about two grams of a Sativa in a vitamin container and about three grams of an indica in a melatonin bottle. If you’re nervous about flying with weed, especially flower, don’t travel with more than an eighth (3.5 g) or so.

Where you put the vitamin bottles full of weed is also important. I like to pack them, among other pill bottles, in a toiletries case with a zipper. The scanners at TSA are looking for things out of the ordinary, so if you pack your weed “in plain sight” among other vitamins and pills you’re bringing along, it won’t stick out. I also make sure to not pack any liquids in the same toiletries bag as my weed. This way, they have no reason to go through it. It’s also important to find a toiletries bag that doesn’t let the scent escape too much. We’d also recommend packing any actual flower at the bottom of your suitcase.

How To Fly With Shatter, Wax, And Vape Cartridges:

giphy Flying With Weed: How To Get Cannabis Through Airport Security

Extracts can also be “hidden in plain sight” when you’re packing. I traveled with half a gram of live resin in a little glass jar, which I packed with my toiletries again. In fact, when I’m planning on flying with weed, I bring an extra toiletries bag or two, more than I would actually need for my soap, shampoo, and makeup. It gives me extra space to distribute my weed among similar-looking things without drawing attention to any of them. Because the live resin in a jar was about the same size as a little jar of lip balm, it blended in fine.

I was able to pack a few extra vape cartridges in a similar fashion in my make-up bag. To me, the loose cartridges look enough like mascara or perfume to blend in. Again, it’s important not to pack too many. I may have overdone it, traveling with five even though I wasn’t caught. Just do the math to see if you’re traveling with more than three ounces (about three grams) of cartridges to not draw attention. I should also note I traveled with one cartridge and the actual pen in my carry-on and had no trouble.

Flying With Edibles:

giphy Flying With Weed: How To Get Cannabis Through Airport Security

Edibles are probably the easiest cannabis products to fly with because they resemble “drugs” the least. Depending on the shape of your edible, pack it with similar-looking products. If it’s a baked good, try to remove any weed leaf labels and pack in with other snacks in your carry-on or checked bag. Many edibles come in child-proof punch-out packaging that looks just like pills, so those can be packed with any meds or vitamins you might be traveling with.

Oils, Tinctures, and Drinkables:

giphy Flying With Weed: How To Get Cannabis Through Airport Security

Because TSA is so strict when it comes to liquids, I would suggest you skip them. Although it’s possible to fly with less than three ounces of liquid without drawing attention to yourself, these products are actually the riskiest. If you’re a med patient that needs CBD oil, pack it in your carry-on with your medical recommendation handy to show a security officer. Otherwise, I’d say stick to a reasonable amount of flower, edibles, and extracts instead.

The Best Products To Take On Your Trip:


pexels andrzej gdula 11134313 Flying With Weed: How To Get Cannabis Through Airport Security

Tinctures are so discreet that it is hard to tell if they are even cannabis-infused. This is a premium THC-B distillate with 92% purity, paired with MTC oil as the carrier oil. You can add it to your drinks and apply it under your tongue for quick absorption or on your skin to get mild and soothing effects on your muscles.

Even though THC-B is about 30x stronger than Delta 9 THC and much stronger than Delta 8, it is still legal as it is a hemp-derived product. So you can travel with it and enjoy its mental and physical effects. But be careful with the dosage. It’s incredibly strong, so try taking 1/4 to 1/2 a dropper to see how you feel before trying more.

This tincture is 100% natural and free of thinning agents. You can definitely travel with THC-B on a plane, but it will make you travel on a skyrocket.

PAX Mini

 Flying With Weed: How To Get Cannabis Through Airport Security

The PAX Mini Vaporizer is the highest-quality discreet device on the market. It fits in the palm of your hand and in any pocket, pouch, or bag. Besides its discreet nature, the PAX Mini is sleek and stylish without drawing any unwanted attention. 

Despite its size, the PAX Mini has an efficient battery that heats your herb in 22 seconds. It only has one button, making it easy to use without the need to toggle through settings and temperatures. Still, its single heat setting vaporizes your flower for maximum flavor, vapor amount, and potency. 

In any case, airport authorities don’t consider weed vaporizers dangerous items. Before you head to the airport, be sure to clean your PAX Mini, which is incredibly easy to do. Simply pop out the oven screen and get into those deep nooks and crannies. 

Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Bong

Kompact Front Shadowed Flying With Weed: How To Get Cannabis Through Airport Security

For those looking for a revolutionary smoking experience, the Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Bong is the perfect solution. With its advanced design and revolutionary features, this bong offers something extraordinary.

The Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Bong is designed to be compatible with various uses, including mixology, culinary, hookah, and aromatherapy. This multi-use device allows you to customize your smoking experience to fit your preferences. It also features a built-in percolation system that delivers water-filtered, cooled smoke for a smooth and enjoyable experience.

A low-maintenance smoking experience, the Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Bong is easy to clean and maintain and designed with a contactless consumption system that reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

The Kompact Gravity Bong comes with a luxury travel case, allowing you to transport your device wherever you go conveniently. So whether you’re looking for a luxurious smoking experience or just a convenient way to enjoy your favorite strain, the Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Bong is a perfect choice. With its advanced features and revolutionary design, this bong provides something unique.

Experience The High Life With D8 Gas

 Flying With Weed: How To Get Cannabis Through Airport Security

Navigating the world of cannabis while traveling can be a tricky endeavor, given the fluctuating regulations. However, there’s a game-changer in the market that offers high-quality cannabis-derived products minus the inconvenience – D8 Gas.

Among their stellar lineup, the ‘Torch Phantom Blend Disposable 3.5G‘ is a stand out, must-try.

Here’s why:

  • Delta-8 THC: This product is packed with Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta-8 THC), a minor cannabinoid present in hemp and cannabis plants. It’s akin to Delta-9, the psychoactive compound in marijuana, but Delta-8 delivers a less intense, more body-focused high, reducing anxiety levels.
  • Convenience: With 3.5 grams of this unique blend ready for use, it’s perfect for those constantly on the move. No prep required – just light it up and immerse yourself in the D8 THC experience.
  • Flavorful Experience: Each puff delivers a flavor profile that’s earthy and funky with hints of fuel, living up to its ‘gas’ moniker.
  • Quality Assurance: All D8 Gas offerings, including the Torch Phantom Blend Disposable, are crafted by leading industry brands, ensuring top-tier quality.

So, if you’re gearing up for your next trip and are on the hunt for a reliable, quality cannabis product, D8 Gas’ Torch Phantom Blend Disposable 3.5G should top your list. Its discreet packaging and user-friendly design make it an ideal travel buddy, letting you relish your cannabis experience wherever you are.

Adding Storz & Bickel’s MIGHTY+ Plus to Your Travel Checklist

mighty plus 8 1 Flying With Weed: How To Get Cannabis Through Airport Security

Traveling with cannabis has always been a topic teeming with caution. As laws evolve, so does the confidence of many travelers looking to bring their beloved herb along. While we at Herb have provided you with an in-depth guide on flying with weed and navigating airport security, today we’re introducing a tool that makes your flying experience smoother: the MIGHTY+ by Storz & Bickel.

Why Consider the MIGHTY+ for Travel?

  • Discreet Design: At first glance, MIGHTY+ looks like any other high-end tech device. Its sleek, compact design ensures it doesn’t scream “cannabis,” allowing for an inconspicuous carry.
  • Extended Battery Life: Whether on a short domestic flight or a long-haul journey, the MIGHTY+ promises lasting battery life—no need to scramble for a charger during layovers.
  • Temperature Precision: Different strains call for different temperatures. The MIGHTY+ offers a broad range of temperature settings, ensuring your herb is vaporized to perfection every single time.
  • High-Quality Build: Made with travel-resistant materials, this vaporizer can withstand the usual hustle and bustle of traveling. The robust design ensures it stays intact, even when your luggage doesn’t.

Storz & Bickel have long been renowned for their commitment to quality, and the MIGHTY+ is no exception. If you’re considering traveling with cannabis, always ensure you’re familiar with the laws of your departure and arrival locations. The MIGHTY+ doesn’t guarantee you’ll bypass security checks, but its discreet design makes for one less thing to worry about.

Liquid Diamonds THC-A Cartridge

hidden hills night night blend cartridge 2g peachy bombay Flying With Weed: How To Get Cannabis Through Airport Security

Are you an avid cannabis enthusiast and always on the go? If you’ve been wondering how to take your cannabis products with you when you fly, we have great news for you. With the right approach and the Hidden Hills Liquid Diamonds THC-A cartridge, you can now elevate your travel experience like never before.

This innovative product, available through Delta 8 Resellers, offers a convenient size and convenient packaging that makes it possible to travel with ease.

The Hidden Hills Liquid Diamonds THC-A cartridge is meticulously crafted with a potent blend of D9, THC-A, and THC-P, this cartridge promises an exceptional high that meets your needs for relaxation, creativity, or increased energy. But what sets it apart is its design for the modern traveler, the epitome of convenience. By connecting it to your favorite 510 battery thread, you can enjoy an uninterrupted puff, letting the positivity flow.

Worried about security checks at the airport? Rest assured that the Hidden Hills Liquid Diamonds THC-A cartridge is designed for hassle-free travel.

Its optimized ceramic coil ensures even heat distribution, giving you a flawless experience every time. In addition, the product’s compact size and efficient packaging make it discreet and easy to transport, fitting perfectly in your travel luggage.

Delta-8 THC Gummies from Botany Farms

 Flying With Weed: How To Get Cannabis Through Airport Security

You can’t go wrong with flying with delta-8 THC, especially in gummy form. Did you know delta-8 THC is legal in most states per the 2018 Farm Bill?

Regardless, we always suggest checking out the local laws and regulations of where you’re traveling, as some states have banned certain “legal” cannabinoids like delta-8 THC. But, for the most part, you’ll be in the clear, especially with the Delta-8 THC Gummies from Botany Farms.

These gummies are packed to the brim with delta-8 THC, with each gummy containing 30mg delta-8 and 2mg delta-9. That’s the perfect dose for soothing relaxation, especially before a flight. Available in Tropical Mix, Pink Lemonade, Pineapple, and Mango flavors, Botany Farms’ Delta-8 THC Gummies were designed to keep you relaxed and stress-free.

Whether you need help falling asleep or want to wind down after a long day, these sweets are your best bet. Get yours now and board your flight with confidence.


Captura de pantalla 2022 11 22 a las 20.20.12 Flying With Weed: How To Get Cannabis Through Airport Security
Photo courtesy of MOONWLKR

Traveling through airports with alternatives to Delta 9, with cannabinoids that are technically allowed at the state level, is a relatively safe option. This is where Delta 8 comes in with an honorable mention, specifically Moonwlkr’s Delta 8 2G Disposable Vape.

A high-quality Delta 8 infused vape with a fruity flavor you won’t believe is real, specifically Tiger’s Blood. Imagine a delicious exotic fruit flavor with every hit. Is your mouth watering yet?

Each puff starts with a sweet and refreshing fruity taste and ends with relaxing effects from head to toe, thanks to Delta 8’s unparalleled experience. As a small, portable, and discreet device, it’s relatively easy to get through airport security without any major problems and can easily be mistaken for a regular nicotine disposable.

The design of the disposable vape itself is minimalist, with no signs or images that give away its contents. Remember that vaporizing is also forbidden on airplanes and even more so if it’s something related to weed. Avoid problems and enjoy the magic of Moonwlkr when you arrive at your destination (outside the airport, okay?).

Plain Jane

Plain Jane Cherry Creme Brulee 6 Pack Joints turquoise yellow tins group shot on white background with one joint on the outside  Flying With Weed: How To Get Cannabis Through Airport Security

Recently, over 75,000 happy customers can attest to this South Oregon-based brand that brings high-quality and accessible CBD and other cannabic compounds products to people across the United States.

If high-quality flowers, tinctures, gummies, cartridges, moonrocks, oils, or pre-rolls show up at your door at any place and any time doesn’t sound like a dream come true, we’ve got way different priorities.

Plain Jane knows that they serve a group of diverse people across different communities: that’s why they have something for everyone.

For the edible lover, some Delta 8 Gummies should do the trick. With lots of fruity flavors to pick from and a cerebral and body-buzzing effect, it’s a great option for getting rid of stress after a long day.

These CBD Pre Rolls are a great option if you’re more into the physical act of smoking and the benefits of cannabinoids. The expertly-rolled joints come packed with cannabinoids working together to give you the entourage effect: reaping the benefits of all terpenes and compounds.

Plain Jane’s products are perfect for travel. You’ll want one before bed to drift off to a night of blissful sleep, a midday smoke to relieve some tension, or a morning smoke with a coffee to go into the day with a clear mind.

OCHO Extracts

Screen Shot 2022 08 29 at 8.36.12 PM Flying With Weed: How To Get Cannabis Through Airport Security
Photo courtesy of Ocho Extracts

Tired of the same tasting edibles and carts? The people at OCHO Extracts had the same thought and created top-shelf products that are creative and tasty, so it feels like a treat. If you want to travel with products, we think getting a Horchata or Jamaica-based gummy might make any flight a little bit more exotic.

Before we dive into the actual treats, let’s have a small talk about OCHO Extracts. Orange County-based.

This hemp-based company wanted to innovate and create safe and transparent products you can enjoy. Add these to the Hispanic heritage, and you’ve got a solid concept to change your old gummy and vape flavors for Aguas Frescas-inspired flavors you’ll love.

These edibles are true treats with 12.5mg of their delicious Delta-9 Live Resin extract. They feel potent and hit the right spot with incredible body buzz and mental highs, but they also get the right flavors.

If you want a silky and creamy treat with a hint of cinnamon, go for the Horchata gummies. For something floral yet sweet, with a touch of a summer infusion, the Jamaica (Hibiscus) flavor is perfect for you. Or, for something fresh and right out of your favorite Mexican water stand, the Strawberry Fresca brings in the perfect pair: strawberries and cream in a gummy form.

Supergreens Gummies From Sunmed

Captura de pantalla 2023 10 16 a las 12.20.07 Flying With Weed: How To Get Cannabis Through Airport Security
Photo courtesy of SunMed

These extraordinary gummies aren’t just a supplement; they’re your daily dose of whole-body nutrition, packed with a blend of essential vitamins, minerals, pre-and probiotics, superfoods, and a potent blend of adaptogenic mushrooms.

Imagine a world where self-care meets indulgence, and wellness is as easy as savoring two irresistible wild raspberry gummies a day.

These gummies created by Sunmed are your passport to a healthier, more vital life. With an innovative formula, they encompass the key elements of your well-being.

Best of all, you can take these little wonders with you everywhere, even on a plane. Whether you’re traveling to your dream destination or simply looking for a convenient way to nourish your body, Supergreens Gummies are your perfect travel companion.

As you take your seat on the plane, slip these gummies into your bag without worry. They’re your secret to wellness, perfectly packaged in the form of delicious wild raspberry gummies.

Taking Flight with Kraken Kratom: A New Way to Elevate Your Journey

 Flying With Weed: How To Get Cannabis Through Airport Security

Traveling can be a stressful experience, but did you know there are ways to bring calm and tranquility to your journey? Enter Kraken Kratom, a trusted brand that brings the power of kratom – a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia known for its unique stimulant and sedative effects – straight to your fingertips.

Kraken Kratom is committed to providing high-quality kratom products, like their Kratom Gummies. These gummies offer a convenient and discreet way to enjoy the benefits of kratom. Each gummy is packed with a precise dose of kratom extract, ensuring a consistent experience each time.

But what about flying with kratom? While cannabis laws vary by state and country, kratom is legal in many areas. However, it’s always important to check the regulations of your departure and arrival locations before traveling with any substances.

It’s worth noting that while kratom offers numerous potential benefits, such as pain relief and mood enhancement, it should be used responsibly. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has highlighted the potential for dependence and withdrawal symptoms with regular use.

So, whether you’re looking to add a sense of calm to your travel routine, or simply interested in exploring the world of kratom, Kraken Kratom’s gummies could be the perfect companion for your next trip.

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