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Learn | 05.25.2022

Stonerpedia: How To Sneak Weed Into Your Summer Music Festivals

Weed? I don't know what you're talking about.

Summer is right around the corner. We know you’re eager to puff on some green in the bright sunshine. 

But are you willing to sneak some weed into your upcoming music festival? Of course, you are!

Well, you’ve landed on the right place to help you out. We’ve created this helpful guide with the best tricks to sneaking weed into music festivals this summer. 

We suggest sharing this guide with your friends so you’re all on the same page. 


The Ol' Underwear Trick

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This might be a little TMI, but this is based on my personal experience. 

Never have I ever been caught sneaking weed into a festival when it’s hidden in my underwear. 

Women may be a bit more inclined to use this tip than men because female underwear has a useful little pocket. 

No one really knows what that pocket was designed to do. I think it’s for sneaking in a joint or other substance for a weekend of festival euphoria. But hey, that’s just the stoner in me. 

Because you’re hiding weed in a rather personal area, check with who you’re sharing it with to see if they’re willing to hit a hoo-ha joint. 

That said, if you successfully use this teenie little pocket, your weed won’t come into contact with your lady parts whatsoever. 

TIP: If you really don’t want your weed touching your between-me-down-there, stuff it in a small ziplock bag before placing it in your underwear pocket. 

Take it from me; this trick works every time.

Use A Disposable Pen

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I find it pretty odd that festivals will allow nicotine vapes but not cannabis vapes. Especially within places where weed is recreationally legal. 

It’s pretty easy to get away with bringing a disposable vape pen into festivals, especially one that resembles a nicotine vape. 

This gets a little tricky when we add vape cartridges into the equation. 

It’s hard to fool security because cannabis carts are so distinct with dark yellow liquid. This is why disposables are a great option for sneaking weed into festivals. 

Do You Have Low Blood Sugar?

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Yes, the answer is always yes, especially if you choose to bring some sweet snacks to help regulate your blood sugar levels.

But what if those snacks were edibles?

We hate to encourage lying, but it’s necessary if you want to sneak some potent edibles into the festival grounds.

When sneaking edibles into the festival, make sure to discard all prior packaging and use a baggy or tinfoil of your own.

Getting past security shouldn’t be too hard, but if they question you, tell them you have low blood sugar and require sugary snacks on you at all times.

Other Tips

Feel free to get creative with your weed sneaking abilities. This could include the following;

  • Hiding weed inside a nicotine vape
  • Stuffing a joint into a deodorant lid
  • Creating a DIY secret pocket in a bag
  • Holding it in your hands

Referencing that last tip: One time, I snuck in a joint by holding it between my hand and my phone. No one asked to see my phone or hands or even batted an eye. It’s just a little risky, but who doesn’t love a thrill?

Whichever method you choose to use, good luck!

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