If You Love Cannabis & Comics Then You Need DINK


A Cannabis and Comic Book VIP bus tour? Yeah, it’s real. Check out DINK, the Independent Comic and Art Expo 2016.

Evan Hundhausen
Mar 10, 2016

The word “dink” is defined as a couple with no kids, but from March 25-26th, in Denver, Colorado, it’s going to mean something entirely different. It’ll mean the Denver Independent Comic and Art Expo organized and put together by the same people in charge of the Denver Comic Con.

Cannabis and Comics

cannabis comics If You Love Cannabis & Comics Then You Need DINK
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If you go be sure to buy tickets for their first ever Cannabis and Comix VIP tour, a $49.95 ticket valued at $150. The VIP pass includes early entry, a marijuana dispensary tour with open bar, an art gallery viewing, a DINK t-shirt, a book bag, and lots more stuff!

VIPs will load onto a luxury bus, which will takes you to a local Colorado marijuana dispensary and grow operation. Jake Browne, writer for the Denver publication the The Cannabist will be in attendance for conversation. Then you’ll attend a curated art show including a talk about marijuana and comics with award-winning cartoonist Denis Kitchen of Dope Comix.

Artists attending

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A slew of artists, exhibitors and publishers will be at the two-day expo. A couple name drops include Boulder, Colorado artist Sean Tiffany who’s worked for Marvel, Time Magazine and Sports Illustrated, New York Times Bestselling author Simon Hanselman, illustrator Monica Gallegher who creates positive feminist comics and has worked for publishers like Vertigo, and many more. 

Representatives of independent publishing companies will also be in attendance like Hex Publishers, Near 2 Now Comics, Radiator Comics, and New Pioneer Comics. There will also be five floors of art featuring comic, sequential arts, urban graffiti and tattoo art.

The DINKy awards

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Be sure to attend the awards ceremony on Saturday night called the DINKy awards where artists with outstanding works in the independent comic book realm will be recognized.

Green the scene

green If You Love Cannabis & Comics Then You Need DINK
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One of DINK’s missions is to “Green the Comic Scene” and to be a “Leave No Trace” event. They “aim to provide solutions to help reduce the overall environmental impact of DINK.” Recycling and compost solutions will be provided during the event. Whenever possible printed materials will use 100% post-consumer recycled paper and soy-based inks. They also encourage attendees to bring their own bags and water bottles.

DINK and the community

community If You Love Cannabis & Comics Then You Need DINK
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DINK also works with nonprofit organizations like the Denver Drink & Draw and the Love Hope Strength Foundation. DINK is also involved with an annual program that lets inner-city youth go to a week long camp in the Rocky Mountains focusing on comics and art.

The location

venue If You Love Cannabis & Comics Then You Need DINK
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The expo will be held at The Sherman Street Event Center in Denver. The building itself is unique and was built way back in 1906 in the style of Moorish Revival architecture. It’s listed in the Colorado Registry of Historic Places and inside is a fancy ballroom, mezzanine, and theater. For lodging you can stay at Hampton Inn and Suites right across the street.

Have a blast!

Loads of fun are waiting to be had at DINK 2016. To get tickets or to learn about volunteering hit them up on their website. And as always if you’re going be sure to tell us about it on social media or in the comments section below.

Evan Hundhausen
Mar 10, 2016