A magician tries to sell a cop weed and then makes it disappear

Puff then poof!

What Happened When Magician Tried To Sell Weed To This Cop?

Image Via Youtube

Would you go up to a cop and try to sell him weed? One crazy magician did.

Calen Morelli is an up-close street magician bringing the art of sleight of hand back into the limelight. Back in 2014, he released this video of himself asking a cop if he wanted to buy some weed. Obviously, the cop in the video wanted to get a hold of him instead and slammed him up against the wall. And the cop does this even after the weed magically vanishes.

This video instantly went viral, with over 8 million people watching it within a four-day span. It caused so much controversy that TMZ managed to secure an interview with Calen Morelli to ask him about it. Then, everyone found out the real trick… the cop was fake.

Mind you, Morelli states that neither the cop actor nor the cameraman helped with the trick. Morelli made the weed disappear on his own.

Why did he make the skit? Those same issues rolling around in all our minds after watching the news these days. Morelli wanted to bring attention to cannabis legalization, police violence, and civil rights in a way that only a magician could. Unfortunately, it seems that three years later, his whimsical commentary is just as necessary.