How To Make (And Smoke) Fresh Hash

Check out this twist on the legendary spliff, could you handle its potency?

May 25, 2016

Enjoyed all over the world, spliffs can be a great way to enjoy a functional high without using too much cannabis. But what if you wanted to make a spliff using some freshly collected hash? In this video by DailySmoker, the extraction, and pressing process is shown in its full glory!

Flower quality

The ideal situation for creating a hash spliff would be to have a large amount of lower quality cannabis as shown in the video. This is important because if you have some high-quality flower, most people would rather enjoy it by itself in a joint or a glass piece. But for the lower grade cannabis that still has substantial pollen, these spliffs can be a fun way to utilize all of the plant.

Once the kief is removed, the leftover flower can be decarboxylated for use in edibles and oils. It could also be soaked in grain alcohol to make some decent quality wax.

Could you see yourself rolling one of these more effective spliffs? Or does the classic spliff remain the best option for getting functionally baked? Let us know on social media or in the comments below!

May 25, 2016