7 Incredible Munchies From Instagram That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the munchies. These pics will make you think twice about what you’ll grab after your next sesh.

Mar 7, 2017

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the munchies. For some, their go-to snack is a bowl of cereal. Then, you have people who just want an entire pizza to satisfy their cravings. Regardless of what your guilty pleasure may be, cannabis consumers tend to have that one treat that they must have after a session. Sure, you probably think your munchie of choice is matchless. However, these seven best munchies of the week will make you think twice about what you’ll grab after your next smoke sesh.

1. Club sandwich

Not only is a club sandwich semi-healthy, but it also provides an abundance of flavors.  Indeed, the club sandwich is one of the best snacks around. Also, it includes bacon. Who doesn’t love bacon? Weirdos, that’s who.

2. Cookie Madness

It’s hard to say what exactly this is but it sure does look amazing. Not to mention, it comes with girl scout cookies and Oreos. And it looks like there’s some cookie dough underneath. Sugar overload? Maybe. Nevertheless, you cannot say no to all that sweetness.

3. Sushi

If you think you’re fresh to death, check out all of that sushi. As can be seen, the beautiful set up alone makes you want to dive right in. Not everyone likes sushi. However, after a few hits of the dank, you’d be surprised how scrumptious sushi can taste.

4. Pulled rotisserie chicken torta

Now, this is one tasty looking sandwich. In addition to its mouthwatering melted cheese, it also comes with black bean hummus. Of course, it looks pretty messy. But this baby is totally worth the stains you may have on your t-shirt after inhaling it and all its glory.

5. Brownie cake

First of all, how do you even begin to choose a slice? Each and every piece looks heavenly. If you have a sweet tooth, this brownie cake should satisfy your appetite, to say the least. Sure, this cake may scream diabetes, but it’s without a doubt worth the risk.

6. Breakfast toasties

Regardless of what ingredients it takes to make these, they would be perfect after your morning wake-and-bake. And they’re beautiful, which makes it even harder to resist them. But why even try to hold back? After all,  breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

7. Mac and cheese panini

Mac and cheese is delicious by itself. However, sticking some in between bread is pure genius. In case you have to have it, you can find this bad boy at New York Panini.

In fact, you can even score a free $50 gift card to the restaurant on Instagram. All you have to do is follow @eating_longisland and @newyorkpanini, like the same photo, and tag two of your pals in the comments. You better act fast, though. The winner will be announced on Wednesday at noon.

Mar 7, 2017