Is This New App The Future Of Vaping?

The new Firefly 2 vaporizer comes with an app, allowing each user to create a completely customizable experience.

Mar 9, 2016

A new vaporizer gives users a unique experience by offering a customizable high. With the help of an app controlled interface, the Firefly 2 allows for complete personalization of every toke, ensuring just the right buzz for each individual.

It’s important to have a proper vaporizer, especially for those using them regularly. A faulty machine can result in uneven burning, harsh hits and inevitably wasting ganja, which will quickly help lighten those pockets! The Firefly 2 and accompanying app not only ensure control, but offer users the ability to visually see just how their machine is functioning.

App controls offer perfect puffs

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Unlike any vaporizer before, an accompanying app was created just for the Firefly 2. After downloading the app, available for both Android and iPhone, Firefly 2 users simply sync their phone and vaporizer together. Instantly, users are given access to customize heat levels, battery life and can even switch the machine from right to left handed; functions not available without the app controls.

The vaporizer has six heat settings: low, medium low, medium, medium high, high and concentrates. This feature ensures steady, controlled heat, reducing the risk of harsh hits and uneven burning. Lower heats can be used for drier weed, while higher temperatures and the concentrate setting are meant for hash oils or dabbing. Special concentration pads are also available; when placed in the chamber before use, they help to ensure no oil is wasted.

Two batteries are included with the Firefly 2. Levels are closely monitored through the app, ensuring the life of the vaporizer is extended as long as possible. Each battery lasts 40-80 hits, depending on the length of the puff, and a USB docking station allows for quick recharging.

Changing the machine from right handed to left handed is also easily controlled by the app. This feature is something many left handed people will appreciate, as they understand the difficulties associated with living in a right-handed world.

Compact power

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Weighing just under five ounces, the Firefly 2 is extremely sleek and lightweight, offering powerful puffs without a bulky casing. Despite its’ thin exterior, the machine received high preliminary reviews in the areas of durability, quality and dependability. In case that’s not enough to convince you, it also comes with a generous five year warranty.

The app promises to take up minimal room on phones and tablets as well. More features accessible through the app include customized touch sensor activation, LED brightness, device naming and customer service support. The experience of vaping is taken to a whole new level with this app, delivering each user their perfect high.

The new vaporizer and app combination is impressing customers nationwide, completely selling out its first round of production. Currently, the Firefly 2 is on back order until late May. Customers who are willing to wait, and pay the $329.95, have their choice of five colors, with a plethora of accessories available for sale.

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Mar 9, 2016