5 Oregon Dispensaries You Need To Visit

Live in or plant to visit the Beaver State? These five dispensaries all have their own unique appeal. Here’s where to go to get the best herb in Oregon.

Feb 11, 2017

Dispensaries are popping up all over the place in Oregon, and each one has developed its own, unique community. These five northern Oregon recreational shops are all OLCC licensed and open for business. Whether you’re from out of town, looking to entertain guests, or just looking for your new favorite place to pick up some crystal-coated bud, you need to visit these five Oregon dispensaries.

1. Homegrown Oregon Cannabis

Many Oregonians and visitors flock to the big cities for great bud. However, this Salem location should not be overlooked. Not only is Homegrown Oregon Cannabis building a visual delight, but this shop takes local to a new level.

Many of the available products come directly from Salem-area growers and vendors, or as close to Salem as possible. And boy, do these growers know what they’re doing.

While HERB visited, Homegrown carried a wide selection of dried flower of varying potency. Most memorable was a sativa from a new grower called Thunderbird Rose, which tested at 27.35% THC and features a nearly unbelievable rose aroma. The Gorilla Glue they had on hand was also impressive, a regular that they try to keep in stock for their usual customers.

Like Portland’s Puddletown, Homegrown Oregon Cannabis is a shop that customers can easily get used to visiting. Homegrown keeps a rotating selection of strains, though they always have some favorites on hand for the regulars.

Another major perk? Homegrown works strictly with small-scale growers, providing craft cannabis products that are grown with careful love and attention in smaller batches.

Inside, Homegrown is comfortable, fun, colorful, and professional. Whoever does the merchandising for this shop is on-point, connecting customers with classy yet unusual silicone dab rigs and other intriguing paraphernalia. Many of the accessories for sale inside Homegrown are made by fellow dispensary customers. The entire space is decked out with artwork from Salem area artists.

All in all, Homegrown is a stand-out spot that both newcomers and everyday patrons can enjoy. Of the places visited, Homegrown’s dried flower selections had the highest amount of THC of the places HERB visited.

  • Best for: Happy hour! Customers can enjoy a daily Happy Hour special with extra discounts and $10, single gram joints.

For more information on Homegrown Oregon Cannabis, visit homegrownsalem.com

2. Puddletown Organics

Chalice Farms is more akin to trendy dining than a local pub. Puddletown Organics, on the other hand, is everything an exceptional neighborhood cannabis retailer should be.

The overall appearance of the place is unassuming, however, as soon as you step inside you get the sense that this place sees some serious traffic.

For good reason, too. Cheerful, kind, and efficient, Puddletown budtenders are knowledgeable and make you feel right at home. Well-versed in medical and recreational products, folks at Puddletown can walk you through their substantial collection of edibles, treats, concentrates, dried flower, and various other products to help you find your best possible match.

The best part? Puddletown has some truly top-notch bud at great prices. Puddletown consistently works with the same growers, keeping favorites like Raspberry Kush and Qwad Dawg on the shelves as much as possible. The close relationship between Puddletown and their growers allows the dispensary to offer really great deals on their cannabis.

When HERB visited, an eighth of crystal-coated Raspberry Kush was going for a mere $28. The buds themselves were quite large, speckled with purple, and produced so much kief a substantial amount was collecting in the bottom of the jar. The sample was grown by a Portland-area local that works directly with Puddletown.

There’s no doubt that new cannabis consumers will be in great hands with the Puddletown staff. Yet, this cannabis dispensary is a haven for both medical and recreational consumers with some cannabis know-how. With a wide selection of products, fast service, and outstanding prices, Portland cannabis lovers need to put Puddletown on their list.

  • Best for: Superb prices on expertly grown and fantastic looking cannabis.

For more information on Puddletown, visit puddletownorganics.com

3. Chalice Farms

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Visting Chalice Farms could very easily be one of the next big things to do in Portland. Chalice Farms is an all-inclusive cannabis brand. At their flagship location on Airport Way, customers can watch as their extraction technicians make C02 oil with state of the art machinery.

That same location houses Chalice’s headquarters, a commercial kitchen for edibles manufacturer, and will soon be home to one of their in-house grow operations.

Visiting Chalice Farms is an experience. While there are several Chalice locations, the flagship store would be a great place to take out-of-towners. Tourists hoping to check out some beautiful, Oregon-grown cannabis can also easily take advantage of the close proximity to the airport.

The Chalice flagship store is also a must-see for canna-curious individuals looking for a comprehensive introduction to the herb. Strains and other cannabis products are easily displayed in glass-topped tables around the showroom, almost like a rustic Apple store for cannabis goods.

As a major bonus, Chalice Farms offers all new customers a half-gram pre-roll for a measly $2.05. Chalice pre-rolls are made with ground bud, not trim. This is a very welcome quality for cannabis lovers.

Unlike other cannabis dispensaries, Chalice sells dried flower in two gram or eighth quantities. Two grams will cost around $24 before tax, and customers can choose from Chalice-grown strains or other local products.

  • Best for: Edibles and concentrates

For more information about Chalice Farms, visit chalicefarms.com

4. Botanica


It’s not difficult to guess that different cannabis dispensaries appeal to different types of people. For those seeking an all-around easy and comfortable dispensary experience, Portland’s Botanica is safe and inviting.

The interior design fits right into the warm yet slightly industrial feel of many Portland hotspots. If you’re hoping to take your parents into a dispensary where they will feel relaxed and well taken care of, Botanica is a great choice.

Overall, Botanica is a very professional and approachable establishment. Customers have two Portland locations to choose from, one on Buckman and one on Foster and Powell. Each location has a different setup and features slightly different decor.

HERB visited the Foster and Powell location, where our budtender was quick to help and showcase some of the shop’s most popular products. Botanica is a smaller shop, but it’s obvious that all flowers and other merchandise are selected with customers and patients in mind.

A particularly notable strain at Botanica was the GT Dragon, a sativa-dominant hybrid from High Valley Organics. The strain was closely trimmed, cured just the right amount, and tested at a high 21.19% THC.

While Botanica is wonderful for recreational consumers, many medical cannabis patients have reason to love this dispensary. Botanica makes their own tinctures and extractions, which allows them to knock down the price of hot commodities like high-CBD oils.

While high-CBD tinctures and oil cartridges can cost upwards of $80 at some dispensaries, Botanica is able to offset costs by taking on some of the processing themselves. As a result, medical and recreational customers can get a gram of CBD extract for $60 and $75, respectively.

All in all, customers can appreciate a lovely selection and an inviting atmosphere from Botanica.

  • Best for: CBD extracts

For more information about Botanica, visit botanicapdx.com

5. TLC Cannabis Emporium

The TLC Cannabis Emporium in Salem is a one-stop shop for all things cannabis. While Oregon cannabis has been a little short on the supply side recently, a product of licensing delays and policy changes, the TLC Cannabis Emporium has a very large selection of dried flower.

Many strains, such as CBD Critical Cure, are constantly available every time. This means that both patients and recreational consumers can go back for their ol’ favorites or have ample possibility to try something new. Grams start as low as $8 on the recreational side, and almost all products are under $15.

TLC Cannabis Emporium is an excellent and functional shop that is sure to have something for you every time. Featuring a large showroom, customers can peruse the various brands that provide for TLC Cannabis Emporium.

Many of the producers at TLC are larger operations, including Green Cross Specialties out of Bend and Rebel Spirit in the Willamette Valley. Though, at this point in time, Oregon many cannabis companies are still in the start-up phase.

TLC Cannabis Emporium has a fairly large collection of glassware, vaporizers, and other cannabis accessories. Overall, TLC Cannabis Emporium is functional, stylish, and well-priced.

Customers may also enjoy the warm and inviting wooden features and display cases. TLC Cannabis Emporium is a very comfortable spot to stop in and pick up

  • Best for: Price and variety

For more information on TLC Cannabis Emporium, visit their website at tlccanna.com

Feb 11, 2017