Landlords are installing weed smoke detectors and anti-pot tenants are calling the cops.

Weed Is Now Legal In Massachusetts. But Tenants Can Be Evicted For Smoking It.

It joins a growing number of states clearing records.

Massachusetts To Expunge Marijuana Convictions For Simple Possession

As billionaires start to invest in psychedelics, some longtime researchers in the field worry they’ll just become another commodity.

Will Psychedelics Go Corporate Like Cannabis?

Fans can get discounts and Lights-branded herb.

The Las Vegas Lights Become The First Sports Team To Partner With A Dispensary

The punk rocker credits the herb with transforming his life.

Damian Abraham Credits Cannabis for Weight Loss

The prestigious award typically goes to jazz and classical musicians.

Kendrick Lamar Becomes The First Pop Musician To Win A Pulitzer

According to police reports, the parents were laughing at the toddler who was high.

Woman arrested after child eats weed mac n cheese

Families spent hours with the state’s lawmakers convincing them that their kids need cannabis.

Colorado Sides With Parents Over Doctors On Marijuana For Autism

“It must have flown through the window and into my purse,” she told cops.

Florida Woman Blames The Wind For The Cocaine In Her Purse

They’re starting out in Canada, where they have more than 300 locations.

Worldwide Coffee Chain Second Cup Pivots To Cannabis

Almost all Americans want prohibition to end. So why hasn’t it?

The 4 Biggest Barriers To Marijuana Legalization: The Harvard Political Review

Some of the highest quality cannabis in the world can be found growing in the small town of Toribío, Colombia.

Some physicians claim that medical cannabis can help to restore your natural sleep cycle. But some cannabinoids might be more helpful than others.

cannabis as a sleeping aid

PharmaCielo is paving the way for cannabis cultivation in Colombia. They are helping rural farming communities previously under the thumb of the exploitative guerrilla groups get into growing medical cannabis.

Colombia may soon become a world supplier of medical marijuana

Abstinence isn’t realistic. Critical thinking is.

First ever "realistic" drug education program tested in New York

According to statements made by Colorado Republican Senator Cory Gardner, President Trump will support the Cole Memo.

Trump promises to support a bill that gives states the rights to legalize

“The point of our medical cannabis law is to aid those who are sick and dying.”

New Mexico lawmakers want to use cannabis to combat opioid addiction.

Could we be on the verge of legal weed in Mexico?

Mexico Supreme Court Prohibition

They want to encourage cannabis research around the world.

The American Chemical Society Awards Cannabis Scholarships

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