Many people struggling with depression are forgoing the use of antidepressants, for something more natural.

Antidepressants Can Kill You, Study Says

The Sensible Enforcement of Cannabis Act would ensure that states’ marijuana laws are respected.

Sensible Enforcement Of Cannabis Act

“[W]e will go to court to ensure that the American people receive the compensation they deserve,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said.

The DOJ Goes After Opioid Manufacturers For 'Deceptive' Marketing

Senator Kristen Gillibrand publicly stated that pharmaceutical companies are only opposing medical marijuana for fear of competition.

Finally, a testing system that distinguishes between consumption and impairment.

AlertMeter Is A Drug Test That Will Prevent People From Being Unfairly Fired

Just in case you forgot about that edible from the Vegas strip in your pocket.

Las Vegas Introduces Weed Deposit Bins At Their Airports

Experts say incarcerating pregnant women harms their fetuses.

Montana County To Incarcerate Pregnant Women With Drug Addictions

“I was high as hell when I took those things.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea Opens Up About His Opioid Experience

We talked to leading researchers in the field about the validity of anecdotal claims that cannabis can cure cancer. Share your story at #HerbHeals.

A Hard Look At Whether Cannabis Can Really Cure Cancer

The move is a major step toward removing the stigma still surrounding cannabis.

Cronos Becomes The First Cannabis Company Listed On The NASDAQ

By January 15th, 15 companies had been awarded 10% of all licenses in the state.

99% Of California's Growers Are Still Unlicensed As Corporate Cannabis Takes Over

Currently, when NFL players injure themselves, they’re met with two options: power through it and stay on the field, or recover and risk slipping into obscurity.

Hawaiian State Senators Pressure The NFL To Allow Players To Use CBD

“He often jokes about killing drug dealers,” a senior administration official said.

White House Insiders Say Trump Secretly Supports The Death Penalty For Drug Dealers

Judge Alvin Hellerstein just dismissed the case of Alexis Bortell, who was suing Attorney General Jeff Sessions to legalize marijuana.


Representative Pete Sessions has control over what bills make it to the floor of the House for a vote.

Rep. Pete Sessions Is The Reason Marijuana Bills Haven't Progressed For Two Years

There’s an increasing demand for heroin among addicts in the U.S. who can no longer access or afford prescription opioids.

Mexican Cartels Start Pushing Heroin Following U.S. Marijuana Legalization

He painted over the iconic graffiti before tearing it down to make room for luxury apartments.

5Pointz Graffiti Artists Win $6.7 Million From Developer Who Destroyed Their Work

Senator Cory Booker’s Marijuana Justice Act aims to end prohibition and undo the harms of the war on drugs.

Pivotal Justice Sends Mixed Messages In High Court Cake Case

Alfie Dingley’s family was forced to move to the Netherlands so their son could access cannabis oil for his epilepsy.

UK Medical Marijuana Debate Heats Up After A 6-Year-Old Is Denied His Medicine

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