Since 2012, the number of weed packages mailed to or from Colorado has nearly tripled. 

Women carrying packages off of a truck mail weed

It’s investing $19 million in research for treatments for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, among other diseases.


Currently, the court has to show that an officer acted with ‘malice’ when they killed a civilian, otherwise, they are immune to prosecution.

Protests against police violence in Charlotte

A cop on the scene pried the door of the car open and Tupac’s body fell out.

tupac and Suge Knight

“There is no greater force in the Senate,” Senator Cory Booker said of the bill’s new co-sponsor.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Opioid addiction and CTE are rotting the NFL to its core. Marvin Washington is a leader to an increasing number of football players who believe that medical cannabis can save players’ lives and, in many ways, the National Football League from itself.

Marvin Washington, a retired NFL Player, is sueing Jeff Sessions for his right to use CBD and medical cannabis to help CTE and football related injury

Justice Department lawyers tried to get the case dismissed, but the judge is taking time to make a decision.

Judge Alvin Hellerstein Recognizes That Cannabis Has Medical Benefits

The criminalization of cannabis was based on “hatred and outright bigotry,” reads a statement filed to the court.

Leo Bridgewater sits on the Staten Island Ferry in Newyork as he travels to meed the Cannabis Cultural Association about the upcoming lawsuit with Jeff Sessions

Jose Belen claims that without medical cannabis he would likely be dead. Belen believes that the Schedule I classification of cannabis is unconstitutional. Now, he is suing Jeff Sessions to do something about it.

Virginia Senate unanimously passed a bill that, if signed by Governor Ralph Northam, would allow for doctors to prescribe CBD oil and THC-A oil to patients.

The Department of Justice has a long history of ignoring scientific and legal opinions. Patent 6630507 proves just that claims a case against Jeff Sessions.

Alexis Bortell uses cannabis oil to prevent life-threatening seizures.

Alexis Bortell, a 12 year old Marijuana activist, stands in court

The Cole Memo was being used as evidence in the case, so Jeff Sessions got rid of it.

While putting out albums, the DJ and producer has continued to be at forefront of legalization efforts.

DJ Muggs

This is the most detailed examination of medical marijuana and opioid deaths conducted to date.

study finds weed reduces opioid overdose deaths

A recent profile in The Guardian revealed the life of a Vietnamese child forced into slavery at a secret cannabis farm in the United Kingdom.

Police raiding a house

The purple drink has been celebrated in hip-hop circles for decades, but, amid high profile overdoses, there’s a campaign to stop the consumption.

21 savage drinking lean

Finally, those convicted of marijuana misdemeanors will be granted equal employment and housing opportunities.

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