Opioid overdoses are on the rise in New York.


What are the chances it will pass?

New Mexico

Prohibitionists are getting real creative.

“You can’t be the CDC director and buy stock in [tobacco companies] after you’ve been appointed.”


Finally, those targeted by the war on drugs will have access to jobs, health-care and education.

It’s safe to say that CBD is changing the way society perceives the cannabis plant.

Women smoking a Joint

In Russia, drinking enormous quantities of vodka is considered normal, while cannabis is still heavily stigmatized.


Are we discovering downsides to legalization? Or is this just growing pains?

The study aimed to examine whether the stereotypes of those who use psychedelics were true.

patient getting tested and scanned

Even in legal states, you can get fired for being high on the job, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping anyone.


Mom and pop grows were promised a head start on the recreational market, but it’s not quite panning out that way.


She uses marijuana at night for her anxiety-induced insomnia.

Helping supportive hand Kaiser

Prohibitionists continue to oppose marijuana by saying that there isn’t enough science on it, but getting the science is nearly impossible.

Republican research

“It’s time for Big Pharma to pay for what they’ve done,” said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Opioid Epidemic Plagues Section Of Bronx Neighborhood

They got so high they had to call for backup.


The current law can land you up to 10 years in prison or a fine of EUR 7.5 million for possession.


The rapper didn’t mince words on CNN over the weekend.


He’s known as the father of California’s medical marijuana movement.

Dennis Peron Smoking a joint

They don’t want weed seeming too glamorous or exciting.


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