Garry Godfrey has Alport Syndrome, a hereditary disease that causes renal failure at a young age, along with debilitating pain, nausea, and anxiety.

Garry Godfrey

Lawmakers in Argentina have legalized cannabis oil for the treatment of serious medical conditions. The law also permits the cultivation of cannabis, too.


At a New Zealand charity event, billionaire Sir Richard Branson told kiwi farmers to grow cannabis as a profitable and environmentally safer alternative.


It’s not every day you stumbled on something that you normally wouldn’t find at the beach; a 10-pound “giant blunt” that was stuffed full of weed.

giant blunt

The government plans to introduce legislation by April 20 (420) to legalize it, with the intention of the law being in place by Canada Day next year.


Insys is the same company that donated over $500,000 towards keeping cannabis illegal in Arizona, and the same company that makes fentanyl.

Schedule II

With a name that sounds like a secret weapon from a B movie, the San Diego Police Department have unveiled the Drager 5000 to catch stoned drivers.

Drager 5000

One New York Cop got a mere three years for raping his girlfriend’s daughter. Meanwhile, a doctor and cannabis activist gets almost two decades.


For the first time, the U.S. Federal Government has called cannabis medicine, a huge step forward for the feds.


Two federally regulated medical cannabis companies that were caught up in a contaminated cannabis recall are now facing proposed class-action lawsuits.

Contaminated Cannabis

NuggMD is making it easier, and more affordable, than ever for California residents to obtain their medical marijuana card.


Again, Canadian authorities are targeting the Emery’s. After their arrest, police raided seven Cannabis Cultures across the country and Toronto today.

Israel’s Cabinet voted to decriminalize recreational cannabis to emphasize “treatment instead of criminal enforcement” in the country.

It’s true: a bill that would federally legalize cannabis has been introduced to the house. Here’s how to show your support.

Legalize Cannabis

New Mexico state Legislature are looking to ease the restrictions regarding the possession and use of cannabis, both medical and recreational.

New Mexico

The first-ever High Times Cannabis Cup Las Vegas is set to kick off this weekend, hopefully, without any interference from the federal government.

The attorney general has stated that there are links between increased cannabis use among Americans and increased violence.

A group of Caribbean scientists has reportedly made a major breakthrough in using cannabidiol (CBD) – an active compound in cannabis – to treat hepatitis C.


The measure, if signed into law, would allow for drug testing of unemployed people who are seeking work in a field in which the testing is regularly used.

Drug Testing

The White House issued the comments during the Press Secretary’s daily briefing, in which he initially seemed to defend the use of medical cannabis.

White House

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