The Ultimate Accessory: How To Make A Paracord Pipe Bracelet

The best pipe is the one that you can take with you everywhere discreetly. Make the ultimate on-hand smoking device, a paracord pipe bracelet.

Jul 17, 2016

The best pipe is the one that you can take with you everywhere discreetly. A military tradition gets a cannabis makeover to become the paracord pipe bracelet. This project has it all: braiding, building, and a great homemade smoking gadget as a reward.  

Step 1. The core

Take your basic metal pipe, with screw on parts including mouthpiece and bowl. Remove the bowl and mouthpiece. You will also want a “whistler cap” for the top of the bowl. Crazy Glue the mouthpiece and bowl to a length of plastic tubing that fits comfortably around your wrist, with a quarter inch space all around. This will compensate for the paracord later.

Step 2. The paracord pipe bracelet

If you don’t know how to braid a paracord bracelet, here is a link to the Paracord Guild, where you can find dozens of pattern guides! They are loads of fun and a great project to work on while enjoying some herbal downtime.

Start off with 20 ft of each color for this project. This bracelet uses the Solomon stitch or basic Kroger knot. When you start, dab some Crazy Glue to make sure it holds tight to the end with the bowl.

Step 3. Repeat, repeat, repeat

Continue braiding down the length of the plastic tubing. Every few stitches, you will want to push the braid together tightly and apply small dabs of glue. This will not only hold your braid together but keep any tubing from showing conspicuously.

Step 4. Nearing the end

Once you reach the mouthpiece, you will make a few Cow’s hitches on each side to extend the end past the mouthpiece. Keep it symmetrical. Always keep your knots tight. Then, resume your Solomon stitch past the mouthpiece. Here, you push the mouthpiece to one side or the other.

When worn, the braid pushes the mouthpiece inward, concealing it. So choose which side you want facing out now. It all depends on which colors you want to show.

Step 5. Tying it off

When you reach your perfect length, you will cut the excess, and slide the “whistler cap” over the two inner cords. To help make the  tight knot you will need inside the whistler, you can remove the inner layer of the paracord (the white string). Then, make one knot, cut, and burn & glue to seal. An important note, twist the cap as the glue dries so it won’t lock the cap in place.

Now, you should be able to screw the bowl into the whistler, closing the bracelet. Doing this on your own wrist might be a little tricky at first.

What stitch did you use for your paracord pipe bracelet? Tell us on social media or in the comments below.

Jul 17, 2016