Polaroid Is Releasing A Brand New Instant Camera In Honor Of Its 80th Anniversary

For the milestone that is its 80th birthday, the iconic company is releasing a new instant camera, the OneStep 2, which is new age fun with a vintage feel.

Sep 27, 2017

To celebrate its 80th anniversary, the Polaroid will release a new – but entirely retro – instant camera, which will make fans of analog technology happy. That camera is the OneStep 2, the first release in a new line that is targeting those people who still enjoy the nostalgia of using a Polaroid.

OneStep 2

According to Polaroid Originals CEO Oskar Smolokowski, there has been a “revival of analog,” another reason why the brand made a decision to revive its original camera. Released four decades back, the Polaroid OneStep played a big part in taking the instant camera to the masses.

When it comes to the OneStep 2, the biggest change is the camera’s shape, which is now lighter and more practical, but it still keeps the most iconic of the features of original – that includes the big red button, too.

The OneStep 2, which weighs just 460 grams, comes in two colors – black and white or colored option – and has a fixed-focus 106 mm lens, integrated flash, and a timer, so those group selfies are possible. And just like the original, the OneStep 2 keeps it simple, so there is no image stabilization or a social media connection.

But, like the original, it doesn’t use disposable batteries, seeing the AA batteries replaced with a built-in battery, which is charged by a USB connection.

If this sounds like you head to the Polaroid Originals website, where the OneStep 2 is available for pre-order. The camera, which is priced a $99.00, is scheduled for delivery from October 16.

Sep 27, 2017