Watch: How To Make A Pringles Steamroller

We all know that with this Pringles steamroller, once you pop, you can’t stop.

May 10, 2016

Marijuana McGuyvers get ready! Another quick and easy homemade smoking device from Master Bong, showing you how to get keyed when you feel the need. You know when it comes to Pringles, once you pop, you can’t stop. Especially with this Pringles steamroller.

Step 1: Empty potato chip can

I suggest putting the chips aside for later, as you will definitely want them after smoking out of this fun and simple device.

Step 2: Holes

With a sharp object, core a hole into the side, next to the top of the can. Don’t push it through, twist it, to avoid denting the can. The second hole goes in the metal base, and for that one, you will need something a bit larger, like a knife or even better, a keg spout.

Step 3: Safe lips

For that second hole, cover the metal with some tape, to give a safer surface for your lips. make sure to get the tape to stick around the opening and through, secure on the other side.

Step 4: Light up your Pringles steamroller

Get your joint, or bowl attachment, and fix it into the hole. As seen in the video, it is usually easier to get a joint lit the old-fashioned way before putting it into the hole. Then fill that steamer full of smoke, and pop that top! Huge hits from a device made in only a couple of minutes, that is smoking efficiency right there!

Step 5: Where are the chips?

Between the delicious flavor of your chosen herb, and the salty savoriness of the inside of the Pringles can, your next step is to satisfy your cravings. No doubt, putting the chips aside was a great idea.

Another cool gadget seen in this video is Master Bong’s bong stand, great for securing a bong against accidental tipping while standing on a table, shelf, or wherever! With a flexible arm that wraps around your bong of whatever size, you can buckle your baby in and know it won’t fall.

Do you have a crazy homemade steam roller or bong idea that wows your friends? Share it with us on social media or in the comments below.

May 10, 2016