Why Skateboarding At The Olympics Will Be Dope

With the addition of skateboarding to the 2020 Olympic games, the Olympics are sure to command a broader audience. Will it be half pipe’s and halved pipes?

Aug 31, 2016

Skateboarding has long been a sport embraced by what society has deemed to be the “counter culture”. Skateboarders are generally not your typically clean-cut, muscle-bound, overachiever types like most Olympians tend to be. But don’t be misled by their outward presentation. These athletes are among the most detail oriented and hard working you’ll find. They also tend to like cannabis.

Half pipe’s and halved pipes

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The 2020 summer Olympics hosted in Tokyo will introduce skateboarding to the event list. No longer will passengers of the wheeled board be banished to the X Games for international recognition. They will be showcased on the world’s largest stage – the Olympic half-pipe.

According to Lee Dainton, rider on the TV show Dirty Sanchez, many skateboarders are regular cannabis users. Though the Olympic committee just ratified bylaws that increased cannabinoid testing levels to 150 nanograms, many of these skaters will still struggle to meet the regulations.

There are going to be a lot of people who will have to clean up their acts,” Lee said. A lot of them partake in smoking marijuana. The thing is, if you smoke weed and you drink – that is not like taking steroids. They are of no interest to skateboarders. They would not be performance enhancing. – Dainton

Skateboarding: Sport, art, hobby?

Skin Phillips, a photographer and well-respected skate-community member, gave some insight into whether or not he believed skateboarding was a sport – a topic of controversy. Phillips, believes a lot of people are going to be interested in seeing skateboarding at the Olympics, but admitted, “ I think it is closer to an art.”

Adding to the conversation about how riders will approach the Olympics and its cannabis testing policies, Philips said,

It would not be rocket science to find out who is smoking. I don’t think they would care either way if they did get caught. Imagine if they got caught and chucked out of the Olympics? They would put it on their resume!

Grow up for the Gold

With little insight from these renowned skaters, it is easy to tell that professional skateboarders might have a hard time adjusting to the Olympic regulations. According to Philips, they may even find the testing to be amusing.

I have confidence that Olympic skateboarders will successfully overcome the testing, and put on a great show in 2020. I am sure that each member of the national skateboarding teams will understand that they have an opportunity to represent their country—an opportunity that trumps marijuana use for those 2 weeks.

Only time will tell…

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Aug 31, 2016